Academic Performance Facilities and Services

Academic Performance Facilities and Services is responsible for the planning, design, purchase, and installation of audio visual equipment, pianos, keyboards, percussion equipment, and integrated support systems. The department provides effective operational frameworks and maintenance for ensemble rooms, practice rooms, private instruction rooms, and all performance-based and practice facilities at the Boston campus in support of academic programs, faculty, and the student experience. 

There are four teams within the department:

  • Pro Audio-Visual Services: technical support for all audio, video, and instrument amp needs throughout the campus, with a focus on academic support primarily in performance facilities
  • Percussion Services: all matters relating to percussion instruments, including maintenance, moving, and on-campus equipment needs
  • Piano and Keyboard Services: tuning, maintenance, and moving of Berklee's acoustic pianos and electronic keyboards
  • Practice Facilities: management and operation of Berklee’s practice rooms and facilities, including 25 Fordham Road, 171 Massachusetts Avenue, 160 Massachusetts Avenue, and 150 Massachusetts Avenue