Call for Papers

Submissions are now being accepted for the following:

  • Unpublished papers (30 minutes)
  • Poster presentations
  • Workshops (90 minutes)
  • Performances and/or demonstrations (30–60 minutes)

Focused on one fo the following areas:

  • Clinical practice
  • Research
  • Theory and philosophy
  • Education and training

Joint submissions representing multiple disciplines and continents are specifically encouraged. In particular, IAMM is seeking significant contributions to public and world health, including the following:

  • Medical applications of music in all specialties
  • Technological advances in music and medicine
  • Contemporary and innovative music interventions to address major health issues, e.g., trauma, pain and stress management, addiction, and social isolation and depression
  • Musical responses to multicultural issues and health disparities
  • The role of music in health-supporting environments
  • Music as a response to public crises
  • Mechanisms underlying music interventions

All submissions are due on or before September 30, 2019.

Submit your proposal

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