Special Interest Group Leaders

Special interest groups (SIGs) are panels of experts from around the world who will create one of the following: 

  • Research: a collaborative research proposal
  • Education: a model curriculum or course
  • Theory: a white paper on the topic
  • Clinical practice: clinical guidelines or best practices

We invite your participation at a SIG panel presentation at the IAMM International Conference. 

SIG Leaders 2020

  • SarahRose Black: Music and medical assistance in dying: facilitating a collective approach to creating clinical guidelines and implementing evidence-based best practices
  • Elsa Campbell: Developing best-practice guidelines for the clinical practice of vibroacoustic therapy
  • Dr. Amy Clements Cortes: Clinical guidelines for the continuum of music experiences and music therapy in relationship completion in palliative care
  • Alex Doman: Autism: new frontiers in music technology for stress resilience
  • Dr. Ellen Gentle, Dr. Wendy Magee, Dr. Helen Shoemark: Music and the brain: transdisciplinary education for research and practice 
  • Dr. Laurien Hakvoort: Making meaning of mistakes in music therapy
  • Dr. Maria Hernandez: A critical eye: physicians' perspectives on music therapy
  • Dr. Joanne Loewy: NICU music therapy: sharing international trends through integrative, family-centered music psychotherapy
  • Dr. Melissa Mercadal-Brotons: Music therapy in the context of dementia: people with dementia and their caregivers
  • Dr. Alex Pantelyat: Music therapy and music-based interventions for movement disorders
  • Dr. Penny Roberts: Assessment in music and medicine: interdisciplinary approaches
  • Dr. Joseph Schlesinger: Music in the operating room: effects on speech intelligibility and the recognition of auditory alarms
  • Sumathy Sundar: Reflections on best practices of music in and as therapy, with a salutogenic focus on hospitals
  • Dr. Gerard Tusek: Shared moments in therapy
  • Rebecca Vaudreuil: Survivors of trauma: the use of music for resilience-building and healing in areas of armed conflict