Rec Música Centro de Estudios Musicales—Mexico

Rec Música Centro de Estudios Musicales is a music college offering a wide variety of academic programs, bachelor's degrees, and private instrument lessons. The concept emerged in 2009 when Fernando "Fech" Chávez B.M. '01, Mijal Grinberg Konigsberg, and Sebastian Otero Garza B.M. '02 decided to create an educational project that could enrich the music industry in Mexico.

In addition to being part of the Berklee International Network (BIN), Rec Música also has a credit transfer agreement with Berklee, which allows a student from Rec Música to finish his/her major at Berklee.

Rec Música's mission is to develop music professionals committed to using their music skills to serve their communities and in accordance with the intellectual and cultural needs of society, promoting respect, passion for music, critical thinking, creativity, talent, and a continuous effort as the core of the student's well-rounded existence in a productive world, and as a constant contributor to civilization.


  • Music Production (nine semesters)
  • Audio Engineering (nine semesters)


Rec Música has 12 learning spaces and eight classrooms, divided into four rooms for private instruction classes, one music technology learning center, one room for ensemble practice, and two for theory courses, one of which includes a small stage for recitals. It also has two fully equipped and totally functional recording studios (two control rooms sharing one live room) and a library. Every room has a very colorful and playful design, combining red, blue, and white with a lot of lighting, making it a unique campus.


Rec Música has several agreements with some of the most important companies and studios in the music industry, such as Sony Music Mexico, Mixup, Digira, Cosmos Producciones, and E-Sound, among others. As part of their undergraduate program, students must complete one year of practical training in one of these companies in order to graduate.  

Contact Information

Rec Música Centro de Estudios Musicales
Uruapan # 7 P.B. local 1
Col. Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc
Mexico City, CP 06700
Twitter: @Rec_Musica
Facebook: RecMusica
Youtube: RecMusicaTV