Projazz Instituto Profesional—Chile

Projazz Instituto Profesional was the first institution in Chile to create a professional jazz academic program (nine semesters long). With an experience of well over 30 years since its first establishment as a music academy, and representing a constant contribution to the artistic environment, Projazz was recognized in 2007 as a professional institute by the Chilean Ministry of Education. Located in the city of Santiago, Projazz has a student body of 480 and more than 70 faculty members among its professional and extension academic programs. 

Professional Programs

  •  Music composition

    • Major in music scoring for film/media
    • Major in vocal or instrumental performance
  • Jazz and popular music performance
    • Major in instrumental performance
    • Major in vocal performance
  • Music theater performance

Projazz also has strong ties to the local community through its academic extension programs, which provide certifications and diploma courses as well as master classes, concerts, and events featuring national and international guest artists.


Projazz seeks to integrate the artistic, professional, and personal development of its students, in consonance with society and its needs.

Instituto Profesional Projazz
Eulogia Sánchez 039, Providencia, Santiago, Chile
Phone: +56 22 5968420 or +56 22 5968430
Contact: George Abufhele Bus, Rector
Email: or