Twelve-Week Full-Credit Summer Program

Experience Berklee this summer

Join other serious music students from all over the world and get a comprehensive taste of Berklee with the Full-Credit Summer Program. In just 12 weeks, you will complete the first semester of Berkleeā€™s regular college-level core curriculum and earn a ful semester of college credits. All participants must be at least 16 years old by the start of the program. 

You will need a minimum of two years of formal music training or experience on your principal instrument or voice, and good working knowledge/familiarity with the written fundamentals of music theory (including rhythmic notation, melodic notation in treble and bass clefs, key signatures, major and minor scales, intervals, and construction of triads and seventh chords). Because you'll be enrolled in classes with full-time students, it's important that your musical abilities and written theory and ear training skills are at a compatible level.

What courses will you take?

During the summer semester, your classes will include:

  • Performance Core including
    • Private Instruction (two credits)
    • Ensemble (one credit)
  • Contemporary Music Core with studies in
    • Ear Training (two credits)
    • Harmony and Arranging (3-4 credits, depending on placement)
    • Integrated Music Technology (two credits)

At the start of the program, you'll take the Entering Student Placement Assessment (ESPA), which will allow us to determine your instrumental training and theory levels. This process will enable us to place you with students of similar abilities in order to maximize your musical progress. And, with almost 35 percent of our students coming from countries other than the United States, you're sure to be playing and working with students from a variety of different backgrounds and musical experiences. This diversity provides a dynamic setting for an incomparable interchange of styles, ideas, and experiences-a great way to spend your summer.

Experience more than course work

As a student in the Full-Credit Summer Program, you will have access to the college's many resources and facilities, including:

  • Career Development Center
  • Counseling Center
  • Ensemble rehearsal rooms
  • Jam sessions with fellow students
  • Learning Center
  • Practice rooms
  • Stan Getz Media Center and Library
  • Student Activities Center
  • Student clubs
  • Student discounts on tickets to Berklee concerts
  • Visiting artist clinics

Transfer credit and study abroad opportunity

Students currently attending a university program may earn transferable credit through completion of the Twelve-Week Full-Credit Summer Program. Check with your institution to see what credits can be applied.

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