Stage Performance Workshop

Announcement: Students who complete two of four programs—Vocal SummitStage Performance Workshop, Songwriting Workshop, and/or Musical Theater Summer Intensive—will receive a $100 rebate.

What's the program like?

You may have heard about that elusive “x factor.” Everyone has one – let’s find yours. There are key elements that will help you stand out from the crowd when you audition for that competition, scholarship, part, or gig. But landing the gig is only half of it. Once you’re in, you’ll be expected to put on a great performance each and every time. This program will show you what it takes to make every stage performance count. 

The Stage Performance Workshop will give you insight into song selection, musicianship, your look, and how to present yourself, all of which will help set you apart from the competition. Get inside information on the dos and don'ts, and find out what audition judges, producers, and directors look for. Develop your auditioning and performance skills, and be on your way to success.

Classes, clinics, and forums on performance, musicianship, stage presence, and personal style will take place over the three-day workshop. You are expected to prepare and perform two or three selections that will best highlight your abilities.

If you're also interested in enrolling at Berklee full time, there are several benefits to attending Stage Performance:

  • Find out what it takes to succeed in music and at Berklee.
  • Study with Berklee faculty and special guest artists.
  • Get a head start on your full-time studies.
  • Get to know Boston, New England’s hub of culture and academia.
  • Learn about admission, audition, and scholarship requirements.

Who are the instructors?

All instructors are renowned Berklee faculty members.

Visiting Artists

Past clinics have featured Trina Hamlin, Lalah Hathaway, Adrianna Balic, and Debra Byrd (vocal coach for American Idol).

What's the schedule?

Stage Performance Workshop: All students will participate and perform in this class. You will learn various methods and techniques that will enhance your presence on stage as well as give you insight into effectively presenting yourself to your audience.

How to Present Yourself: This class will help you to select appropriate songs and material, choose the right key, pick out wardrobe/make-up, and manage everything you need to present yourself the best way possible.

Demos: You will learn the ins and outs of creating and distributing your demo—what the publishing companies, record companies, producers, and directors are looking for, how to best present and package your demo, and how to get it to the right people.

Auditioning: What are judges, producers, and directors looking for? This class will tell you. You'll also learn the tools and skills necessary to prepare for a successful audition and how to beat stage fright.

How to Work with a Band: This class will teach you how to perform with a band, effectively rehearse your songs, and develop strong relationships within a group. You'll also learn time management and song preparation, and discuss instrumentation and arranging.

Open Mic Night: Open to all students, parents, and friends.

Faculty Concert: Open to all students, parents, and friends.

Concerts: All participants will perform at the conclusion of the Stage Performance Workshop. Your parents and friends are welcome to attend these closing concerts.

Where will I eat and sleep?

Applicants will be sent information and an application for residence hall housing once accepted to the program. Most program participants elect to stay in the Berklee residence halls; however, space is limited. To optimize your chances for on-campus housing, you must return the housing application immediately upon receiving it.

To be eligible to live in the residence hall, you must be 15 years of age by the start of the program. If you apply to the program after mid-May, please call the Housing Office at 617 747-2292 to find out if residence hall space is still available.