Music Production Workshop

What's the program like?

Immerse yourself in the labs and surround studios of electronic production and design and the recording and mixing studios of music production and engineering. Topics in this weekend of intensive workshops include audio and MIDI production, multitrack mixing techniques, and scoring to picture.

Offerings range from introductory to intermediate levels of skill and preparation. All college facilities use Apple hardware and compatible software. Participants have limited hands-on opportunities, and most seminars are demonstration-based.

This program has a limited enrollment; we encourage you to apply early in order to secure a space.

Who are the instructors?

Seminars and workshops will be conducted by Berklee's internationally renowned faculty and industry professionals.

Here are some of the topics you can study:

Scoring to Picture: Learn the basics of writing music for film, television, or games. This includes creative interpretation of visuals, working with clients, integration of the picture into music software, and composing/producing your own tracks using synthesizers and sequencers.

Critical Listening: Explore techniques used to analyze popular recordings from a variety of perspectives, both technical and musical.

Multimedia Authoring: Learn how music and audio functions within interactive multimedia environments such as the web, computer games, and live performance. Powerful multimedia authoring tools will be introduced.

Audio and MIDI Production: Gain an overview of MIDI sequencing and audio production techniques using state-of-the-art software and synthesis hardware. Emphasis will be placed on recording and editing your own material in the DAW environment.

Business of Music Production: Discuss licensing, publishing, royalties, contracts, and distribution.

Synthesizer Programming: Learn about synthesizer architecture and programming concepts common to all synthesizers, as well as sound/patch design and application using a variety of synthesis technologies.

Multitrack Recording Techniques: Participate in an accelerated workshop covering many aspects of recording, including microphone selection and placement, equalization, and dynamic signal processing.

Multitrack Mixing Techniques: Explore the aesthetic choices relating to balance, dynamics, arrangement, preparation, and realization of a successful mix.

Project/Home Studio Design and Setup: Learn about basic equipment requirements, budget considerations, affordable acoustic modifications, and the formation of appropriate expectations.

Live Electronic/Laptop Performance: Learn about tools and techniques used in live electronic performance.

Circuit Bending and Alternate Controllers: Explore the emerging world of circuit bending as a sound-generation technique and examine the use of alternate controllers in performance and production.

Making and Selling Your Own Recordings: Discover how mastering can enhance your final product, as well as how to prepare for manufacturing, design your package, and determine the most successful marketing methods for independently released albums.

Guest Lecturer Presentation: Hear a special lecture on current technology topics presented by an industry professional.

Evening Sessions: Enjoy additional seminars, demonstrations, and lab time.

Program content subject to change.

Where will I eat and sleep?

Applicants will be sent information and an application for residence hall housing once accepted to the program. Most program participants elect to stay in the Berklee residence halls; however, space is limited. To optimize your chances for on-campus housing, you must return the housing application immediately upon receiving it.

To be eligible to live in the residence hall, you must be 15 years of age by the start of the program. If you apply to the program after mid-June, please call the Housing Office at 617 747-2292 to find out if residence hall space is still available.