Is the Five-Week program for me?

July 12–August 15, 2014

The Five-Week program is a pre-college course ideally suited to high school students but is open to all eligible applicants. The program takes place on the Berklee campus located in Boston's business, retail, and arts district. The campus is located on and around the busy intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Boylston Street. It is in close proximity to Symphony Hall, Northeastern and Boston universities, New England and Boston conservatories, Fenway Park, and the Christian Science Center. Classes include one-on-one private instruction, core classes with roughly 18 students, and larger lecture-style classes. Parents and guardians must determine if this urban college setting is appropriate for their son or daughter. While there is limited supervision for on-campus residents, students will receive an individualized schedule and will ultimately be responsible for attending all assigned courses and abiding by Berklee policies.

Am I eligible?

You must be at least 15 years old by the start of the program and have been playing your instrument (or singing) for a minimum of six months to attend the Five-Week Program. Most students who attend this program are of high school and college age.

How should I prepare for the placement audition?

The placement audition determines the style and level of ensemble and instrumental/vocal labs. It typically lasts five to ten minutes. During the audition, you are asked to 1) perform a prepared song or piece in a style you want to study (please bring a backing track and/or lead sheets), 2) demonstrate your ability to improvise (not required), and 3) demonstrate your level of music reading (not required).

How should I prepare for the theory and musicianship assessment?

The theory assessment determines your placement in a theory and performance class. The assessment covers topics including clefs, intervals, scales, modes, intervals, chord spelling, tensions and rhythm. The musicianship assessment determines your placement in a musicianship class. It tests your ability to identify intervals, chord types, melodic and rhythmic phrases.