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Responsibility of the Student Government at large is to be the intermediary between the students and both the academic and administrative community at Berklee College of Music. As the elected representation of, by, and for the students of Berklee College of Music, we will be the leading force that reflects the collective voice of the student body while promoting diversity of expression both musically and culturally.

Read the SGA Constitution.

What Exactly Does the Council Do?

Takes questions and grievances from students, and works with administration to get those questions answered or grievances remedied by:

  • Using every available opportunity to solicit information from any and all Berklee students
  • Holding monthly general body meetings to talk about the issues impacting Berklee students and creating strategies to get those issues to administrators who can work in concert to remedy them
  • Being a group that is frequently tapped to sit on campus committees to represent the student perspective
  • Taking each semester's hot topics and coordinating one or two SGA Town Hall roundtable discussions with appropriate administrators to work through challenges
  • Coordinating a few small events each semester so that everyone knows about Berklee SGA

SP14/FA14 SGA Executive Committee


Gabriel Ryfer Cohen

Vice President

Thiago Cossi

Director of Finance and Administration

Max Brandenburg

Executive Coordinator

Elena Goddard

Join the SP14/FA14 Council!

All Berklee students are members of Berklee SGA and are welcome to attend and lend their voice to all SGA meetings and events. In addition, leadership positions are available. Positions include those on the executive committee (president, vice president, secretary/treasurer) and representatives for instrumental departments and majors. The executive committee, together with the representatives, comprise the council. The general body is comprised of the council and the greater Berklee community.

Once per year, elections will will be held for executive committee members. New executive committee members will be chosen by the student body via electronic ballot.

As representative positions become available, solicitation for nominations will be sent and vacancies will be filled by appointment. When there is no opposition, the appointment will be made. When there is opposition, a vote will take place at a general body meeting to determine the appointment.

How Does One Run for the Executive Committee?

Step 1: Attend the executive committee candidate information session on Wednesday, November 4, 2013 in the Student Activities Center Lounge (921 Boylston Street, 3rd floor). If you cannot attend, email to set up a quick meeting to discuss the process. 

Step 2: Complete the Berklee SGA executive committee candidate application here and return it to the Student Activities Center by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 3, 2013. 

How Does One Become a Fall 2014 Representative?

Step 1: At any time (not just during fall executive committee elections), review this list of open SGA representative positions.  
Step 2: Submit your name or nominate a friend.
Step 3: If multiple students are interested, you will be asked to give a brief introduction and statement of interest at a general body meeting. At the meeting, secret ballot elections will take place to determine the appointment.