Waivers and Purchase Eligibility

Important Computer Eligibility Information

In most cases, if you already own an Apple laptop that meets or exceeds the college's standards (as described below), you may apply for a waiver from the Berklee Laptop Purchase Program (BLPP) required of entering students. NOTE: All students are required to pay for the software listed on the Package Contents page. If you bring your own laptop, instructions on obtaining that software will be provided to you when you arrive at Berklee. Waivers are granted or denied at the college's discretion.

Applying for a Purchase Waiver

If you already own an Apple laptop (desktop computers are ineligible) that meets or exceeds the college's standards, you may apply for a waiver from the Berklee Laptop Purchase Program required of entering students. Please take into consideration that your computer may have limited warranty remaining and also may not be a current model. This could significantly impact your computer's performance over time and also the cost of any repairs, especially those that may have been under warranty on a newer computer.

To apply for a waiver, you may either:

  1. Respond accordingly in the brief laptop survey that is part of the admissions process, or
  2. Contact the Student Computer Support Center by emailing 8800@berklee.edu or calling 617 747-8800. The Student Computer Support Center can provide instructions for applying.

NOTE: You cannot purchase a computer from a currently enrolled Berklee student. If you bring your own laptop to Berklee, your computer's serial number will be logged.

As part of the BLPP, Berklee provides certain software applications, including updates, to students while enrolled at Berklee. Please review the Package Contents section for more information. In order to be granted a waiver from the full package, a software charge must be paid to cover the cost of these applications. If you are granted a waiver, the full package charge on your account will be replaced with this software charge. This will be done at the time your waiver is approved. This is required even if you already own any of the applications in the package.

  • $1,500.00 + sales tax, OR
  • $1,620.00 + sales tax (for students who choose to purchase a Line 6 POD Studio UX2 audio interface from Berklee)

Students who wish to apply for a waiver must do so before signing for and picking up a laptop package at the main computer distribution. Waivers will not be considered after a student has picked up his or her Berklee Laptop Package.

How do I know if the computer I have is acceptable?

Any of the current MacBook Pro laptop models meets the requirement, with the exception of the MacBook Air. You may learn more about these models on the Apple Store website.

If you already own a laptop, you can check if it meets the requirement by comparing its model name against the list below. To find your laptop's serial number and model, select About This Mac from the   menu, then click More Info. Model and serial number are displayed there. Compare the model with the following list:

15-inch MacBook Pro (Unibody)

  • 15-inch, early 2008
  • 15-inch, late 2008
  • 15-inch, 2.53GHz, mid-2009
  • 15-inch, mid-2009
  • 15-inch, mid-2010
  • 15-Inch, early 2011
  • 15-inch, late 2011
  • 15-inch, mid-2012

13-inch MacBook Pro (Unibody)

  • 13-inch, mid-2009
  • 13-inch, mid-2010
  • 13-inch, early 2011
  • 13-inch, late 2011
  • 13-inch, mid-2012

17-inch MacBook Pro (Unibody)

  • 17-inch, early 2009
  • 17-inch, mid-2009
  • 17-inch, mid-2010
  • 17-inch, early 2011
  • 17-inch, late 2011

MacBook Pro with Retina Display

  • Retina, 13-inch, late 2012
  • Retina, 13-inch, early 2013
  • Retina, mid-2012
  • Retina, 15-inch, early 2013

I have some of the programs listed in the package already. Can I waive those?

No. Berklee provides the same version of each program to every student. This is to ensure that everyone is obtaining the same updates from the college. This also helps enable seamless transition if students wish to share files with one another. Once a waiver is approved, the software package must be purchased in its entirety.