Purchase and Financial Information

Package Cost

Berklee makes exclusive arrangements with Apple and leading music industry software manufacturers. This volume purchasing provides a comprehensive system at a price that is below educational pricing for these components when purchased individually.

The Berklee Laptop Package for the 2013-2014 Academic Year is $2,925 (not including sales tax). The total list price for all of the components in the laptop package is approximately $4,500. The best street prices, including academic and educational discounts, total approximately $3,600 for the package, not including the free software updates that are part of the Berklee package. Thus, we feel that this package offers our students an excellent value for a very powerful package that will support and enhance the quality of the Berklee educational experience at a cost-sensitive price.

Payment Process for Entering Students (Including Transfer Students)

To simplify the purchasing process, Berklee College includes a "Laptop Computer Purchase" charge for entering students (including first-semester transfer students) on students' first semester tuition bill.

The Berklee Laptop Computer Purchase charge is non-refundable, and the package cannot be returned once the student swipes his or her Berklee ID through the activating ID scanner and takes possession of the laptop package.

Financing the laptop package or any additional hardware and software requirements of a declared major is the responsibility of the individual. Questions relating to payment for the package should be directed to the Office of the Bursar.

Financial Aid Information

The cost of the Berklee Laptop Package is included in the college's Schedule of Tuition and Fees. The decision to attend or not attend Berklee should not be based on the ability to purchase the laptop package. However, any student or parent who is concerned about being able to afford the laptop purchase as part of their enrollment at Berklee should contact an Admissions, Bursar, or Financial Aid counselor.

Supplemental loans are an option for financing the laptop purchase. Grant aid is not available for this purchase. To finance the laptop package, include the laptop package cost in the requested supplemental loan amount. In most cases, international students are required to have a U.S. citizen or permanent resident cosigner. Information about Berklee's preferred supplemental loan lenders and eligibility requirements can be found in Berklee's Guide to Supplemental Loans. For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.