This page is intended to provide quick answers to some of the questions most frequently asked of Berklee's Student Computer Support Center. These questions and answers generally fall under one of three overarching categories: general questions, questions about wireless and phone networks, and website questions.

General FAQs

Wireless Network and Phone FAQs

Website FAQs

General FAQs

How do I get technical support?

You can call us between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at 617 747-8800. See below to submit a support request online or schedule an appointment:

How do I backup my data?

Many students have never backed up any of their data, and some have never even thought about doing it or how to do it. Should your computer require repair or other service, it is your responsibility to make sure your data is backed up and safe. Below are some links that illustrate options available to you for backing up your data.

  • To learn about backing up your entire computer using Apple's Time Machine (you must have an external hard drive to do this), review Mac 101: Time Machine.
  • To learn about backing up your Berklee-provided software to data CDs, DVDs, and/or external hard drives, review How to Backup Berklee Software.

Where can I learn more about my Berklee laptop and software?

The Learning Center provides resources and opportunities that support the daily educational needs of all Berklee students. These resources are offered through two networked computer-based music facilities where students get training in using their Berklee Laptop Package (BLP), Macintosh operating system, Reason, Finale, and much more.

The Learning Center also offers individual sessions in core music classes through the Core Music Tutoring Program and also facilitates self-paced independent study, applied coursework, and small-to-large group instruction through specially designed training sessions.

How do I get support for my Avid Mbox or Mbox Pro audio interface?

Please stop by the SCSC first to see if we can help you with your audio interface issue.  If we are unable to resolve your issue, you will need to register your Mbox or Mbox Pro with Avid before they will assist you. Please read this Avid Audio Support Information document for instructions and contact information.

How do I get support for my Line 6 UX2 audio interface?

Please stop by the SCSC first to see if we can help you with your audio interface issue. If we are unable to resolve your issue, you will need to contact Line 6. First, register your audio interface with Line 6. You can then either call them at 818 575-3600 (option 3), Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST or open a support request with Line 6.

How do I replace my lost/stolen iLok?

Please read our iLok policy by clicking here.

Should I use my @berklee.edu email address as an Apple ID or iCloud account?

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Wireless Network and Phone FAQs

What is my wireless network username and password?

Your wireless username and password are your Berklee OnePass username and password. If you need your OnePass password reset, please visit the OnePass website or contact the Student Computer Support Center by phone at 617 747-2981 or via email at 8800@berklee.edu.

How do I configure my computer or device to access the Berklee-Student network?

On most computers and devices simply selecting the Berklee-Student network and entering your Berklee OnePass username and password will get you access. If you need further assistance, please check out this instructional PDF.

Why are there so many Berklee wireless networks?

Currently, there are four Berklee wireless networks. Access to these networks is restricted to Berklee faculty, staff, enrolled students, vendors, and guests of these users. Below, find a description of which networks currently enrolled Berklee students have access to and how to connect to them:

  • Berklee-Student
    This is the primary wireless network for Berklee students. If you need assistance setting up your computer for this network, please view the above FAQs or stop by the Student Computer Support Center.
  • Berklee-Staff
    Students have no access to the Berklee-Staff wireless network.
  • Berklee-Sponsored
    Students have no access to the Berklee-Sponsored wireless network.
  • Berklee-Public
    This is an open, unauthenticated network for general use. You must agree to an acceptable use policy upon connection. Limitations include bandwidth throttling and disconnection after one hour of use.

How do I get network help if I live on campus?

Students residing in a Berklee residence hall may contact the Student Computer Support Center via email at 8800@berklee.edu or via phone at 617 747-8800 for any network-related problem within the residence.

How do I place calls from the phone in my dorm room?

If you have a college-issued telephone in your dorm room and need to dial outside of the college campus, first dial "7", then "1", and then the number. 

To dial a number located inside the college campus, you only need to dial the last 4 digits (extension) of the Berklee number. For example, our number is 617 747-8800, so to reach us, you would dial 8800.

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Website FAQs

How do I log into Inside Berklee Courses?

Please watch the instructional video below to learn how to log into Inside Berklee Courses.

Is there lead instructor training available to show me how to use Inside Berklee Courses?

Yes! Please visit the Learning Center and sign up for one of their courses on Inside Berklee Courses, or sign up online.

How do I enroll and/or change my Berklee OnePass password?

To change your Berklee OnePass password, please click here and follow the instructions. Note: you can only change your OnePass password at onepass.berklee.edu, not via Google.

How do I complete a course evaluation?

To complete your course evaluation, please watch the instructional video below.

Why don't I have access to parts of berklee.edu?

As a Berklee student, you are no doubt aware of many online resources available to you, including:

You may have found that not all of these online services are available off campus. Many department pages hosted on berklee.edu are administered by staff in the department itself. This allows the individual departments to more effectively maintain content. Each department selects the access they wish to grant to users for particular sites and pages within those sites. If you encounter an error message when accessing a berklee.edu page, please contact the Student Computer Support Center and please provide the URL of the page you were trying to access. We will investigate the issue; however, please be aware that the department hosting this page may have chosen to restrict access in some fashion.

How do I get my login credentials for Berklee websites/services?

All passwords and sensitive information of this nature may not be emailed to students. If you live in the Boston area, please visit the Student Computer Support Center (SCSC). We are located at 186 Massachusetts Ave. (lower level) and are open weekdays between the hours of 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., excluding college holidays. Please be sure to bring your Berklee student ID.

Another option is to contact us by phone at 617 747-8800. Please be ready to provide at least one or more of: the last four digits of your social security number, your date of birth, and/or the current address on file for you. If we are unable to speak with you when you call and you choose to leave a voicemail, please do not leave any personal information other than your student ID number, name, and phone number. A representative will contact you by phone in order to verify your identity and then reset your password, if applicable.

How do I access the learning materials at lynda.com?

Please click here for instructions on creating an account for and accessing learning materials at lynda.com.

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