Rock and Seoul Scholarships

The CJ Scholarship supports Korean students with outstanding merit, strong academic performance, and significant financial need. Berklee awards this scholarship to qualified candidates from Korea that, without any doubt, could not have completed their studies without this support. The scholarship is made possible thanks to a generous gift from the CJ Culture Foundation in Seoul, Korea.

The foundation was established in 2006 and its tagline, “Enjoy your life with arts,” speaks for itself. The purpose of the foundation is to promote cultural creativity and diversification with a focus on cultural growth and sharing. The foundation has continually supported the discovery of creative artists. In addition to the scholarship at Berklee, the foundation supports young creative artists through several programs such as Tune Up, Creative Minds, Project S, and CJ Azit, which offers a creative space and programing for young artists in Korea.

The foundation’s support and the inception of this award is deeply rooted in the noteworthy recognition of the Berklee brand in Korea, which includes a long-lasting partnership with Seoul Jazz Academy (SJA). A long-lasting relationship between two Berklee alumni—Jung Bae Kim and Mirek Vana—paved the way for this scholarship and for Berklee’s development work around the globe. These alumni met at Berklee during the late 1990s and have since stayed in touch. Their passion and dedication to the needs of Berklee students fueled their dialogue over the years, and this scholarship illustrates the power of relationships and the benefits of strong alumni ties with the college.

Click here for more information about Berklee scholarships. To support this scholarship or to create a scholarship for students from your country, email Mirek Vana.

Lollapalooza Scholarship

At the 20th anniversary of Lollapalooza in Chicago, Berklee College of Music announced the founding of the Berklee Lollapalooza Endowed Scholarship. This four-year, full-tuition scholarship is being endowed by Goldman Sachs Gives, a donor-advised fund, and will be awarded annually to a talented musician in financial need.

This exciting partnership is the first educational initiative of its kind for Lollapalooza. “The essence of Lollapalooza is artist discovery and providing opportunities for emerging bands to reach new audiences,” says Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell. “This partnership provides young musicians with a chance to polish their skills on their way to performing on the main stage.”

Recipients will be chosen through auditions and interviews. Click here for more information on how to apply.

The Berklee Lollapalooza Endowed Scholarship was established at the recommendation of Berklee Board of Trustees member Fran Bermanzohn, managing director and deputy general counsel of Goldman Sachs. The scholarship aims to bring more outstanding rock musicians to Berklee to join the ranks of alumni members of acts such as the Cars, My Morning Jacket, Fences, Foster the People, and Wye Oak—all of which have performed at Lollapalooza.

“Music plays an important role in defining our society, making the education of the next generation of musicians remarkably important,” Bermanzohn says. “I’m especially pleased to support Berklee’s work with this endowment.”

The full-tuition scholarship is the cornerstone of a new multifaceted partnership between Lollapalooza and the college developed by Berklee professor Jeff Dorenfeld and festival producer C3 Presents.

“I’m thrilled to have the college associated with a festival that has been instrumental in so many musicians’ careers and to use the Lollapalooza Scholarship as a platform to reach out to talented young musicians who might not find us otherwise,” Dorenfeld says. “We are also excited to showcase a Berklee artist at such an influential and prominent festival.”