Martin Dennehy

Associate Professor

"Music business is a unique industry that requires unique skills. And it's an industry that's very competitive. They're up against some pretty sharp people from other schools that are more business focused than music business focused. And they could be competing with a Yale MBA, who knows? They need to have a degree of fluency in accounting, taxation, business startups, so they don't get left behind. At a manager meeting or a marketing meeting, they can converse as a business major at another college can converse. But it's key here that they be able to identify what they don't know and know where to go to fill in those gaps."

"I think typically what separates our kids from other inspiring candidates from other institutions is the passion that our kids bring. Passion in this business is 60 percent of success. The rest of it is a combination of what do you know and who do you know. I think our kids are positioned pretty well to be competitive."

"I bring an awful lot of real-world stuff into class. I've got clients who tell me, 'I screwed up. Take that to class. Let these kids know that someone's already experimented and screwed up so they don't need to reinvent the wheel.' Occasionally, I bring in guest speakers, so these kids can get direct face time, question and answer, with these people who are more than willing to share."


Career Highlights


  • B.S., Bentley College
  • M.M., Cambridge College
  • Performing artist with general business experience
  • Public accountant, sole practitioner
  • Certified fraud examiner