John Repucci


"Like every good Italian-American boy, I played the accordion. So one year when I was trying to fill up my class schedule, I went to the band director and asked if she needed an accordion player. She said no, they needed a bass player. She gave me a book and a bass, and said, 'Here, go read this book.' It was love at first sight. It just grabbed me."

"I'm an equestrian, and we learn that the harder you ask a horse to do something, the less you're going to get from it. It's the same thing with the bass, which is a very physical instrument. The idea is not to overwork to get the sound you produce—it's how to get the most for the least."

"I love sharing the idea that music comes from the internal voice, and the bass is one of many tools to reflect that inner voice—I have fun teaching that, and passing on my love of music and my passion for the bass. We stress the basics and the art of accompaniment, which is the heart of bass playing. But there's an incredible number of virtuosic younger players—a lot of students are drawn to that aspect of bass playing. So we prepare students not just to handle bass playing in ensembles, but also to handle the solo-playing aspects."


Career Highlights

  • B.M.Ed., Lowell State College
  • Performances with Jim Hall, Milt Jackson, Urbie Green, Lionel Hampton, Helen Humes, Anita O'Day, Kenny Barron, Chris Connors, Morgana King, Ray Bryant, Terrence Blanchard, Norman Simmons, Lee Konitz, Arnett Cobb, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, and others
  • Recordings include two CDs with the Paul Schmeling Trio, Stardust and One for the Road, and At Long Last with the Tony Lada/Larry Monroe Sextet
  • Bassist for Herb Pomeroy Band