Saying Goodbye Webinar

This session is for parents of students at Berklee College of Music.

Saying Goodbye: Parents often ask, “Is it okay if I cry?”

This webinar is designed for parents/guardians who wish to think about and shape the remaining days leading up to their student’s departure to college. It is not uncommon to feel that time is flying, and to experience heightened stress as the day draws near. Taking time now, to think about the important messages you seek to convey to your son or daughter will help you to find focus as you experience this transition of sending a young adult to college.

This webinar also provides tips and strategies to help you make sure your important messages are heard by your young adult.

Agenda: This webinar is 20 minutes in duration. It is brought to you by the Parent Office of Berklee College of Music and Kay Kimball Gruder, founder of Successful College Parenting. After attending this webinar you will receive a handout by email highlighting the key tips and strategies discussed in the webinar.

Instructions to access this webinar:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose "Recorded Sessions" in the left sidebar menu
  3. Choose the "Berklee College: Saying Good-bye- 20110703 1159-1" session
  4. Click "View" button.
  5. Enter recording password. The password is BCMSG2Day
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