Welcome to the Berklee Parents Learning Community

Offering educational programming and resources to partner with you as you guide your student through opportunities and transitions during the college years.

Berklee's Parent Office recognizes that the next few years will often have you stepping into new parenting situations and experiencing a range of transitions as your son or daughter more fully emerges into adulthood.

We know that students often first seek advice from their parents/guardians, and that when you feel informed and confident in the information that you have, you can help your student make the most of his or her college experience. Hence the Parent Office credo: Partnering with Parents for Student Success.

We are launching a number of free programs for parents during the 2010–2011 year, both online and at Berklee. These programs are designed to:

  • keep you informed
  • provide you with parenting strategies
  • build your connections with other Berklee parents

In reviewing the Berklee Parents Learning Community calendar below, you will see that many of the events are offered via easily accessed webinars that you can attend from the comfort of your home. We invite you to attend as many programs as you can. Additionally, consider signing up for the Successful College Parenting Newsletter offered by Kay Kimball Gruder, M.Ed., certified parent coach and founder of SuccessfulCollegeParenting.com. The newsletter is written specifically for parents of pre-college and college students who want to explore new ways of addressing parenting challenges and help their student make the most of his or her college experience. Our Parent Office website also has links to recommended reading, parent videos, the Parent Handbook, career planning timelines, and information about student health and safety.

Between accessing information on our website and participating in on-site and webinar programming, you will have a range of tools and resources to help you parent throughout the year.

Berklee Parents Learning Community Calendar

2012-2013 parent webinars are being developed. Check back here soon for an updated listing of offerings.