Navigating the Holidays: When Your Student Comes Home Webinar

Holidays and breaks can be a time of of both joy and stress. Learn about and anticipate some of the common areas of conflict that occur when a college student returns home. During this webinar you will also become aware of parenting traps and gain tips and strategies to pave the way for reducing stress and family tension during holidays and breaks.

Agenda: This webinar is 26 minutes in duration. It is brought to you by the Parent Office of Berklee College of Music and Kay Kimball Gruder, founder of Successful College Parenting. After attending this webinar you will receive a handout by e-mail highlighting the key tips and strategies discussed in the webinar.

Instruction to access this webinar:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose "Recorded Sessions" in the left sidebar menu
  3. Choose the "Berklee College: Navigating The Holidays - Session 20111015 1532-1
  4. Click "View" button.
  5. Enter recording password. The password for this webinar is BCMHoliday2day
  6. Enter the registration information and click the "Register" button