Berklee Parents' Association

Dear Berklee Parents,

With the holiday celebrations behind us and a new year ahead, we move forward with a sense of optimism and anticipation. As our children embark upon a new semester at Berklee, we are sure that we share the same excitement, enthusiasm, and uncertainty. We are parents of students who share a common passion for music in an industry that is ever changing.

Kathy and Gary Cavalli, Cochairs, BPA

We introduce ourselves to you as the new co-chairs of the Berklee Parents' Association. We are Gary and Kathy Cavalli, parents of Danielle, a graduate of the University of Maryland, and Michael, a sophomore percussionist attending Berklee. When Michael exhibited the passion and the desire to pursue a career in music, we were not surprised. What did surprise us was the limited selection of colleges that offered a diverse genre of music studies. After much research and many college visits it was clear to Michael that Berklee was his only choice. Choosing to attend Berklee was an easy decision for Michael; however, we were a bit skeptical. Attending school in a large city, with no campus and limited housing, were all issues that made us anxious. Yet, we supported his decision.

Attending family weekend during Michael's freshman year helped us realize how dynamic Berklee truly is. Participating in the parent workshops provided us with a better understanding of the school's curriculum and academic requirements. Listening to Peter Spellman's presentation on Planning Ahead for a Career in Music was so encouraging and enlightening that we attended it again Michael's sophomore year. After attending the workshop on ear training, one of the most challenging classes at Berklee, we quickly agreed with our son that "it is like learning another language." We also attended the Singers Showcase and the talent of the students far exceeded our expectations! Finally, we had the opportunity to meet families from around the world at the Jazz Luncheon while listening to President Roger H. Brown's inspiring vision for Berklee's futureā€”a great way to end the weekend. We knew Michael had made the right choice.

When Angela Davis, director of the Office of Student Affairs and Parent Services, presented us with the opportunity to co-chair the Parents' Association, we were excited about the prospect of being more involved with the Berklee community and families. Our goal is to share our experiences with you, the parents, and to help Berklee create a more cohesive and involved Parents' Association. Under the leadership of President Brown and with the collaboration of Angela Davis and Virginia Fordham, we look forward to helping Berklee implement regional parent meetings. These informal forums will be a great way for administrators, parents, and students to come together to discuss topics of interest, voice their concerns, and be more involved in their students's education.

As we continue this journey together, we look forward to meeting you and working together to make the Berklee experience everything we hoped it could be for our children.


Kathy and Gary Cavalli, Cochairs
Berklee Parents' Association