Ch-ch-ch-Changes: Intro to the Brand New Library Website

No, you're not seeing things--the library website has been completely redesigned!
Join us for this session and we'll help you find your way around the new site in no time.

Scavenger Hunt (part of the ROAD Map program)

Come find out what the library can offer you by participating in a simple scavenger hunt game tailored to your principle instrument.

Yearbook Photos for Opening Day 2014

The Opening Day planning committee is requesting childhood and high school yearbook photos t

Changing Your OnePass Password

Berklee's password aging policy requires that all users must change their OnePass password once a year on the anniversary of the date it was first created. To avoid any issues, get a head start on this by changing your OnePass password now.

For more information on this policy and instructions on changing your password, please visit OnePass Password Aging.

Gentleman, Start Your Engines

Mary Hurley

The six alumni in Gentlemen Hall are off and running with a new EP and a high-profile Billboard Battle of the Bands win.

Giant Steps donors

This year marked the fifth and final year of Giant Steps, Berklee's first-ever capital campaign. When we launched the campaign, we were advised to set a goal of $20 million. After much discussion, we set it for $35 million. It quickly became apparent that we could reach even higher, so we raised the goal to $40 million, and then to $50 million. In the end, we smashed even that goal, raising $54.5 million.

Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival 2011

Liz Lupton

It's hard to believe that the Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival is already one year into its second decade. Despite weather forecasters' calls for heavy showers and a thick covering of clouds, September 24 unfolded without a drop of rain, which allowed the outdoor celebrations to go off without a hitch.

The 2011 Academic Year Begins

On September 4 the college officially welcomed 938 new students to campus at Berklee's Entering Student Convocation & Concert. The program included inspirational words from members of the college leadership as well as remarks from this year's alumni speaker, vocalist Robin McKelle '99, and student speaker, Randy Patterson '13.