Guitar workshop: Country Blues Obscurities with Woody Mann

There are many great songs in Country blues recorded by artists that may have recorded only two sides. Even thought many of the artists are all but forgotten by history, some of these recordings represent the very best and most creative playing in the genre.  A sampling of artists include Arthur Pettis, Blind Joe Reynolds, Buddy Boy Hawkins, Clifford Gibson, and Willie Walker.

Spring 2014 semester, CM318 - New Music Composition and Performance Workshop

Offered as an approved specified elective, CM318 [New Music Composition and Performance Workshop] will be offered again, providing students an opportunity to perform, compose, discuss, and hear new music from a variety of sources. We will explore/compose everything from cutting edge film music, to sound experiments, to experimental acoustic music, to electroacoustics - and everything in between.


Dec-4 Electronics Improvization & Techno Rave Ensembles Concert

Electronic Production and Design Department and Ensemble Department proudly presents

2 concerts, one night!
Wednesday December 4, 7:00 pm
22 Fenway room 112

   Electronics Improvisation Ensemble
   Improvised sets featuring the full band

AND, the fantastically entertaining:

   Techno/Rave Ensemble
   Innovative duo and trio ensembles playing original compositions by the artists

CINE Film Scoring Contest

Entering composers will each score the same CINE Golden Eagle Award-winning short film from which the existing score has been removed. Judges will select 10 semi-finalists and 5 finalists, and a panel of guest judges will select the competition winner and two runners-up. Guest judges include Academy Award-winner Mychael Danna, Berklee's own Film Scoring Chair George S. Clinton, and former Berklee Film Scoring Chair (current USC Scoring Director) Daniel Carlin.

EAP News You Can Use

The December Newsletter from the Wellness Corporation, your employee assistance program, is here!  Topics in the month's issue include:

New Staff/Faculty Directory Is Live on EDU

The Directory formerly located at has been retired.  Starting today, you can access the new directory at after logging in. Or log in at EDU and follow the link for "Directory."

The functionality of the new directory is similar to that of the old one, with some added features such as links to faculty bios and department pages. Please report any discrepancies in data via the "Report A Discrepancy" feature next to the name or department.

Harmony Department Population Waivers

The Harmony Department does not grant population waivers for core courses until check-in week, January 14-17, 2014. If you cannot find an open section, please continue to search online.

If you need a population waiver for an elective course, contact the teacher of the course; the teacher will arrange for the waiver. Do not contact the Harmony Department. 


Fridays With the Ear: December 6th


Fridays With the Ear

Hosted by the Ear Training Department

Friday, December 6th, 1-2 p.m.

Room 118, 150 Mass. Ave.


Making Ear Training Work for You

With Darcel Wilson


New Tufts ID Cards

Tufts will be mailing new ID cards to all participants during December. The new cards will reflect the updated co-payments that go into effect next year.

Be sure to use your new ID card for all doctors' visits, prescriptions, and services at a hospital or lab beginning on January 1, 2014.