Jozef Nadj

Violinist Jozef Nadj of Lynn, MA, released Digital World, his new solo CD on the label MDScoring. Visit


Major Johnson-Finley

Vocalist Major Johnson-Finley of Anaheim, CA, released his first Christmas EP, A Major Christmas.


Stephanie Dominguez

Singer/songwriter Stephanie Dominguez (a.k.a. Ria) of Aventura, FL, performed her song "Change" at private political events in South Florida. She also released another single "Alright" and has been touring South Florida.

Claude Diallo

Pianist Claude Diallo of St. Gallen, Switzerland, won third prize at the Bosendorfer Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition 2009 in Montreux, Switzerland, at the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival. Visit

Krysta Youngs

Singer/songwriter Krysta Youngs of Boston, MA, released the song "I'll Believe in You" in October, inspired by her mother's recent battle with breast cancer. The song is available for free download at

Christopher Schreiner

Guitarist and composer Christopher Schreiner of Norwalk, CT, won in the Best Instrumental category at the Malibu Music Awards, was the finalist at the Urban Music Awards, and was a nominee in the Instrumental Artist of the Year category at the Los Angeles Music Awards.

Georgi Sareski

Guitarist Georgi Sareski of Skopje, Macedonia, played at the opening of the Skopje Jazz Festival in October 2009, with his new trio the Skopje Connection. The trio recently released the CD Amam. Visit

Francesca Reggio

Singer/songwriter Francesca Reggio of Boston, MA, released her debut EP, State of Motion, with Francesca Reggio & Blue Shift. Her new single is due out in early 2010. Visit

Carian Harmon

Singer/songwriter Cariad Harmon of Acton, London, released Four Letters on Mowo Inc./Warner Music. Oli Rockberger '02 coproduced the record. Visit

Michael Teoli

Composer Michael Teoli of Burbank, CA, premiered CarnEvil, a full-length gothic-rock opera at a concert workshop at the Sacred Fools Theater Company in Los Angeles in July. Alistair Cooper'04, Scott Manley '03, and Don Corey '91 also played in the show. Visit