A New Take on Symphonic Music

Since its debut in 2008, the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra (BCSO) has set out on a course to distinguish itself from other Boston-area orchestras. The ensemble has nearly 100 members and is the first full symphonic group ever assembled at Berklee. Possessing a distinct Berklee twist, the group specializes in programming contemporary works—particularly those by living composers—but juxtaposes them with pieces from the traditional orchestral repertoire.

Berklee Beat

Attitude or Altitude?

Richard Niles

I recently read an article by Bill Anschell of All About Jazz that is ironically titled Careers in Jazz (www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=33754#.UHcoGBg79NM). It managed the trick of being an unflinching assessment of a sacred cow and very funny. His point is that a career in jazz is a passport to penury. This is not news, but what interested me was his analysis of why “at best, 1 percent” of jazz musicians make a living.

Bob Malone: Road Warrior

Peter Gordon

For an indie artist, the path to lasting success is often long, built on perseverance and a commitment to the music. Exhibit A is Bob Malone ’87.

Throughout his time at Berklee, Malone was constantly gigging, doing solo appearances, piano bars, original bands, and essentially paying for his college education. His career path since then has had a blue-collar organic flavor that is still defined by working hard.

Alumni Profile: Ruslan Sirota '03

Adam Renn Olenn

“It wasn’t until we were sitting in the seats that I realized we could actually win,” says Ruslan Sirota ’03 of his experience at the 2011 Grammy Awards. Both his composition and production work on Stanley Clarke’s album, The Stanley Clarke Band, had put him in the running for a statuette. “It was a good record, and I felt really lucky to win,” says Sirota, who acknowledges that luck has played a prominent role in many key moments in his life.

Helder Tsnine

Helder Tsinine of Dorchester, MA, became the sixth winner of the Peacedriven award for his song "Va Gumulelana." Visit www.peacedriven.org.

Lorena Batista Perez

Drummer Lorena Batista Perez of Boston, MA, plays with the band Modabeat (formerly El Frente). Visit www.modabeat.com.

Zoe Hillengas

Zoe Hillengas of Philadelphia, PA, is the executive assistant and teaching artist for Play On, Philly. The organization provides music instruction to students in challenging socioeconomic conditions. Visit www.zoehmusic.com.

Ryan Harris Brown

Ryan Harris Brown of Dalton, PA, released The Trail, his first record of original music and lyrics. In early 2012, he plans to relocate to Nashville. Visit www.ryanharrisbrown.com.