Josh Giunta

Josh Giunta of Brooklyn, NY, released his first album as a producer and featured artist, Love Science Music. The album features 11 songs and 10 different vocalists in the r&b vein. Visit

Yumiko Matsuoka

Professor Yumiko Matsuoka published a book of a cappella arrangements titled The Water Is Wide

Melissa Ferrick

Assistant Professor Melissa Ferrick released the album The Truth Is with Darcel Wilson and Paula Cole. 

Bruno Tessele

Drummer Bruno Tessele of Rio Grando Do Sul, Brazil, performed on the albums Tribo by João Taubkin and Na Hora by Michel Leme.

Apostolos Paraskevas

Professor Apostolos Paraskevas released the albums Tragedies, The Ritual, and Songs, Elegies and Dances

Shantell Ogden

In May, Shantell Ogden of Nashville, TN, completed her first tour in Scotland and Ireland. She was also interviewed for the women’s career book The Orange Line, and provided music for a video campaign by Children’s Attention Home for abused children. Visit

Suzanne Hanser

Music Therapy Chair Suzanne Hanser published articles on managing pain in the Journal of Urban Culture and Research and Music and Medicine: Integrative Models in the Treatment of Pain

Bruce Gertz

Professor Bruce Gertz appeared on the CDs The Heart of a Champion with Trio-Now and Moonlight Alley with the Nick Goumas Quartet. 

Kathleen Howland

Professor Kathleen Howland provides music therapy for Metrowest Homecare & Hospice Service. She has been a speaker for councils on aging and at the Guadalajara Jazz Festival.

Catherine Bent

Assistant Professor Catherine Bent visited Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and played on Rádio Nacional with Conjunto Época de Ouro.