New Launches July 15

The new—and unified—Berklee web presence will launch on Monday, July 15. When a revamped goes live, it will include new features and web services that are currently offered only via Campus Cruiser and

Millican Composition Award

The Millican Award is presented annually to a student composer to write music in the style of George Gershwin. The winning composition is performed at the annual Professional Writing Division Awards Concert in mid-April. See Kari Juusela, Dean of the Professional Writing Division for information.

Roberto Giaquinto's Senior Recital

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 7:00 p.m.
Berk Recital Hall
1140 Boylston Street
Boston, MA, 02215

Drummer Roberto Giaquinto presents originals and covers in his senior recital.

Admission: Free

Roberto Giaquinto's Senior Recital


Berklee Percussion Festival 2013 a Success!

Sending out a  big THANK YOU to all the dedicated faculty, visiting artists, students and staff that contributed their energy, talents, and time to make this year's Berklee Percussion Festival a huge success!


Players Needed for: Berklee Meringue and Bachata Ensemble

Players needed for a Berklee summer concert with the Berklee Meringue and Bachata Ensemble, on July 26, 7:30 p.m. Will schedule two or three rehearsals.
Instru​ments needed:
Two trumpets, alto sax, tenor sax, flute, keyboard, male singer, tambora, güira, congas, timbales, guitar player. Better if familiar with the music of Juan Luis Guerra and Milly Quezada. Good reading is necessary. Please contact Ricardo Monzón:

Thank you!

Ricardo Monzón

The iPad as a Production Tool & Control Surface for your Studio

From idea to final master: how to write, sequence, and produce your music using only your iPad. Presented by Andrea Pejrolo, Assistant Chair of Contemporary Writing and Production. Learn more about the event here.


The Worlds of Sound for Film and Games Compared

Drawing from his own works and that of established sound professionals, Richard Gould, Co-President of the Berklee Sound Design Network, will discuss the differences and similarities between sound design for film and video games. Read more about the event.


Important Changes

Due to the deactivation of, there are new, temporary access procedures for current and new users of, the college's online learning tool. Read here for more information.

Save the Date: Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer Returning to Berklee

Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer, who resides in Jerusalem, Israel, will be in town for his annual Teaching Residency and will be conducting a workshop at Berklee (the specific topic will be announced soon).

Two new features are now available in Colleague UI 4.4

Users now have the ability to print, and also the ability to change their password for Colleague UI 4.4, find out more now.