L.A Newsbriefs

Justine Taormino

For Los Angeles alumni, 2013 opened with a celebration.

Nashville Notes

David Petrelli

Ordinarily, I write these columns from home or from one of my favorite local coffee establ

New York Spotlight

Arielle Schwalm

Spotify is a groundbreaking global music streaming service available on multiple platforms. It has offices all over the world, including one in New York that employs four Berklee alumni.

Boston Beat

Karen Bell

Ben Maitland-Lewis ’05 is passionate about serving the needs of independent artists, especially those from the Berklee community. His company, Indie Ambassador, is a music media and technology company, and their first product is Presskit.to.

Alumni Chapter Columns

Want to learn about what Berklee alumni are up to? Read the latest reports of alumni activity in major music hubs, including the annual Wes Wehmiller scholarship concert in Los Angeles.

Seth Danielson Zaiser

Seth Danielson Zaiser ’11 of Mechanicsburg, PA, died on February 23. He was 22. Zaiser was an active music producer and vocalist, but was also interested in motorcycle mechanics and cooking. He is survived by his parents, George and Pamela.

Reid Gilles Winpenny

Reid Gilles Winpenny ’00 of Pawlet, VT, died on March 30. He was 30. Winpenny was a pianist and composer, with many other talents and interests. He is survived by his mother, Patty, and two brothers, Tristan and Patrick.

Lori Starr

Lori Starr ’76 of Stoneham, MA, lost her fight with cancer on March 19. She was 58. A pianist, vocalist, composer, and teacher, Starr played professionally with her husband, Les Fish ’76. In addition to her husband, Starr is survived by her son, Lee Fish ’05.

John Seppala

Keyboardist and composer John Seppala ’83 of Walnut Creek, CA, died on January 15 after suffering a stroke and a heart attack while returning from a gig. He was 51. Seppala worked with many greats, including Arif Mardin, Chaka Khan, Snoop Dogg, and Peppino D’Agostino. He is survived by his mother, Wilma, and brothers, Karl and Eric.

Phil Ramone

Former Berklee trustee Phil Ramone died on March 30. He was 79. During his long career as an engineer and producer, Ramone worked with such musicians as Paul Simon, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel, Elton John, Quincy Jones, and many others. The winner of 14 Grammys, Ramone founded A&R Recordings in New York in 1958. He was heralded for his technological contributions to the field and the ability to elicit remarkable performances from artists. In addition to his work on hundreds of albums, Ramone’s credits include Broadway shows (Chicago and The Wiz), film (Flashdance, Ghostbusters, and Midnight Cowboy), and many television specials. He was also a board member of the Grammy Museum and the Recording Academy, and produced Berklee’s 60th Anniversary Concert in 2006.