Berklee International Network 20th Anniversary Concert

The Berklee International Network (BIN) 20th Anniversary Concert will feature exceptional students representing the diverse musical styles and cultures presented by the Berklee International Network. The performance will include four outstanding groups, directed by Ron Savage, chair of the Ensemble Department, and led by Berklee faculty members.

Urban Cycling Safety

Recently, Chief Murphy and Mingus teamed up with Boston Bikes to promote their Urban Cycling campaign. This safety campaign educates bicyclist how to avoid common urban hazards. For more information on this campaign, including testing your "Bike-Q" (win free gear),  visit

2Cellos at the Citi Shubert Theatre

Take advantage of a group discount to see 2Cellos at the Citi Shubert Theater on October 16.

Song Contest from M Music & Musicians Magazine


M Music & Musicians magazine is holding a song contest with a prize worth $25K. The contest is free to enter.

Upload your song at M Music Magazine.

This song contest has a $25,000 Recording Prize Package Giveaway at Sweetwater Studios.

Concert Window Open: Play a Live Webshow Directly into Your Laptop and Make Money Doing It

Concert Window OPEN is a new way for you to play a live webshow directly into your laptop. Fans can buy tickets and tune in from around the world. Last week someone earned $450 from a a half-hour webshow on Concert Window OPEN. Set up your show now or learn more.

International Csound Conference - October 25-27

The International Csound Conference 

October 25-27 @ The Berklee College of Music - Boston

The ASCAP Foundation Rudolf Nissim Prize

PRIZE: $5,000