Youngae Jung

Youngae Jung of Medford, MA, released her debut album The Man I Love, featuring faculty member Doug Johnson, Greg Feingold ’11, John Wood ’11, and Takesh Obayashi ’10. Visit

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Felix Martin

Felix Martin of Los Angeles, CA, released The Scenic Album on Prosthetic Records, featuring a 14-string guitar that he developed. The album features Nathan Navarro ’11 on bass. Visit

Riley Hughes

Composer Riley Hughes of Montague, MI, has done internships with J.A.C. Redford and JoAnn Kane Music Services. 

Sean Peters

Sean Peters of Watertown, MA, practices massage and health care with Momentum Healthcare LLC in Boston, MA.

Adolfo Torres

Adolfo Torres of Boston, MA, recently put out a progressive hard-rock EP with his band Dirty Tongue. 

Will Makar

Will Makar of the Woodlands, TX, and his band the Red Line released the album Perfect Waste of Time, featuring alumni Cody Garrett ’10, Ricardo White ’10, and Rick Carr ’11. They recently performed on the side stage at a John Mayer concert. 

Shai Littlejohn

Attorney Shai Littlejohn of Nashville, TN, was recently featured in Woman’s Day and Making Music magazines.

Kalie Martin

Vocalist Kalie Martin of Richfield, PA, has traveled extensively as a singer for Playlist Productions for Carnival Cruise Lines

Tucker Jameson

In June, singer/songwriter Tucker Jameson of Austin, TX, released his EP Son of Superbia, followed with a summer tour. Visit