Rob Jaczko

MP&E Chair Rob Jaczko and Assistant Chair Dan Thompson took students to London on a trip underwritten by the Wayne Wadhams Trust. They attended sessions at Abbey Road Studio and British Grove Studios with David Hentschel and Hugh Padgham. 

Maggie Scott

Professor Maggie Scott is holding a CD release party on October 29 at Sculler’s in Allston, MA. 

Jane Miller

Associate Professor Jane Miller released the album Three Sides to a Story, which was recorded by Lauren Passarelli.

Brad Hatfield

Brad Hatfield penned arrangements and performed with Susan Tedeschi ’91 and the Boston Pops on July 4. Jon Finn, Richard Flanagan, Melissa Howe, and Barbara LaFitte, also played.

Jon Damian

Professor Jon Damian presented concerts and workshops in Australia, including a show with his “Rubbertellie” guitar and live mural painting. 

Waves Plug-in Seminar

Dig deeper into some of the most popular processing tools Waves has to offer.  Starting with plug-ins included in the student bundle and then expanding into the larger bundles, Waves will highlight their industry standard audio tools in a variety of real-world applications.

Presented by Waves specialist Luke Smith

Ben Houge

Through a faculty grant, Assistant Professor Ben Houge and other Berklee faculty presented the third “food opera” at Bondir Restaurant in Cambridge, MA. Enrique Gonzalez Muller was the engineer. 

Ed Lucie

Associate Professor Ed Lucie released a CD featuring Steve Kirby. 

Julien Kasper

Professor Julien Kasper performed on Painting on Silence by Andrea Balestra ’07, with Scott Henderson, Steve Trovato, and Carl Verheyen.

Ayako Higuchi

Ayako Higuchi of Brooklyn, NY, works at Audiobrain, a sonic-branding firm in New York City, creating music for television commercials. She performed at the Montreal International Jazz Festival with Nobuki Takamen ’04. Her first album, Smooth, is available online.