Edward Shearer

Edward Shearer of Brighton and Hove, England, made his debut as the producer, arranger, and mix engineer for Mvula Mandondo’s Ambush. He played a variety of instruments on the album. Visit www.mvulamandondo.com

Greg Fritze

Greg Fritze (left) and Sharad Gurung ’97
Greg Fritze (left) and Sharad Gurung ’97

Professor Greg Fritze orchestrated the new national anthem of Nepal. Sharad Gurung ’97, who is the son of Amber Gurung (the anthem’s composer), presented Fritze with an award.

Yotam Rosenbaum

Yotam Rosenbaum of Los Angeles, CA, cofounded Earbits, a streaming-music service focusing on independent artists. Its roster includes more than 11,000 artists, including Berklee alumni. Visit www.earbits.com

Daniel McClain

Daniel McClain of Allston, MA, is featured as a singer/songwriter on the Earth, Wind & Fire album Now, Then & Forever, released in September. 

Andy Bianco

Guitarist Andy Bianco of Brooklyn, NY, performed at New York’s Blue Note Jazz Club with Nickel and Dime OPS. The band has a weekly residency at Smoke Jazz & Supper Club in Manhattan and released a new album this summer. Visit www.andybiancomusic.com

Marty Silverstone

Marty Silverstone of Studio City, CA, completed an EP titled St. Sauveur. It was coproduced with Johannes Raassina ’04, and is affiliated with the Artists for Humanity charity. 

Karin Ryan

Karin Ryan of Atlanta, GA, was named as the director of the Carter Center for Human Rights. Ryan works directly with former President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter helping victims of human rights abuse.

Tiff Jimber

Tiff Jimber of Santa Monica, CA, released the album The Foundation in September. It features Matt Bobb ’03 and Jonny Morrow ’02. Visit www.tiffjimber.com

Rie Tsuji

Rie Tsuji of Forest Hills, NY, has been Beyoncé’s touring keyboardist since 2006 and is currently her assistant music arranger. Tsuji has performed at the White House and at the 2013 Super Bowl. 

Aruán Ortíz

Pianist and composer Aruán Ortíz of New York City curated the Music and Architecture Series at the club DROM in New York.