How would you like to be the next Mingus the Jazz Cat?

Auditions will be held by appointment on Friday, April 25 from 12-3 PM. Auditions will take about 20 minutes total. Here’s what to expect:

1.     We’ll ask you to put on the costume (bring with you a cotton t-shirt and light pants/shorts for underneath).

Celtic FUSION 2014, Am Fuaran: A Celebration of the Music of Scotland

On April 15 in the Red Room, we will launch FUSION's new 300 page eBook (including writing and photography by the Berklee community, featured artists from the U.S., as well as some of Scotland's greatest artists) with a rousing concert of Scottish Traditional music. Larry Bethune will be our MC. Jenna Moynihan, a brilliant fiddler in the Scottish tradition and recent alumna, is our music producer. Prof. Mark Simos will add his distinctive voice to the evening.

Envisioning 21st Century Business Model Series

The Music Business/ Management Department & The Professional Education Division presents: Envisioning 21st Century Business Model Series: Ethics And The New Music Industry (?). Please join us as the panel discusses the role of ethics in the music business.

Topics include: payola, contracts between artists and labels, rates paid by streaming services to artist, copyright, management/ artist relationship, branding and sponsorships, and sexism/ ageism in the industry.

  • Date: Thursday, April 17, 2014

Annual Performance Appraisals

To All Managers:

This is a good time of the year for you to be mindful of the annual performance appraisal process and deadline. Last year, thanks to your efforts, we achieved tremendous success with 100% annual appraisal completion rate.

An annual performance appraisal is essential; it provides an important opportunity to discuss a staff member’s overall effectiveness, establish and review goals, continue the staff member’s professional development, and be sure expectations are discussed clearly.

Last Call for LHAN 211/LHAN 212 Test-outs

LHAN 211/LHAN 212 Test-outs


Last Call!





CBX test-out opportunities for History of Western Music 1, LHAN-211, will end after the 2014 Summer Semester.



CBX test-out opportunities for History of Western Music 2, LHAN-212, will end after the 2014 Fall Semester.



This Week on BIRN Alive

Tune in this week on BIRN Alive to catch our featured artist, Hadley Kennary. At 20 years of age, Kennary has a self-titled EP and a full-length album. Hersound is refreshing and real; mixing the honesty of Sara Bareilles, the mellow cleverness of Ingrid Michaelson, and defining harmonies similar to the Indigo Girls. Each song is a unique experience that stays true to her acoustic roots and vocal integrity. has described Kennarys live performance as, “undoubtedly a concert experience to attend.”

Show Spotlight: The Q

Host: DJ Little Mac (Cara McCarthy)
Day: Wednesday
Time: 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.