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Alexander Technique

Develop your body awareness - Develop better music

The Alexander Technique is a subtle yet powerful way to use your body for maximum efficiency while improving your overall coordination, balance and flexibility.
Alexander Technique is an effective way to address a performer’s questions and/or issues


Spring Appointments - One-on-One with Bob Lada - are now available to be scheduled --

Monday, February 10:  3pm, 3:30pm, 4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm, 5:30pm

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An Unforgettable Week During BOR's Berklee in Santo Domingo 2014

Students share their experience, thought Berklee Blogs, from the Berklee in Santo Domingo 2014 program that took place this past month in the Dominican Republic.

Berklee College of Music Endowment Report

Berklee’s endowment is an important source of funding for our long-term strategic objectives.  It is a significant contributor to our operating budget, providing over $10 million in funding this fiscal year alone. 

Beginning Film Scoring Techniques

Alison Plante, Film Scoring Assistant Chair, will present an introduction to film scoring techniques for anyone looking to get into film scoring for the first time. The presentation will cover: