MIDI Guitar – It’s Not Just for Faking Keyboards Anymore

Fishman won the NAMM 2013 Best of Show for their TriplePlay controller for good reason: nothing tracks better for music production. A powerful tool for recording, live performance and notation, the TriplePlay is a wireless MIDI controller for guitar with the ability to play virtual instruments on your computer with very low latency. Fishman specialist Matt Cadarette will be on hand to present the use of the TriplePlay live or within a DAW as well as creating tab and lead sheets in Notion’s Progression software.

T-Shirt Contest for 2014 Commencement

Attention All Berklee Students:


Enter a competition to design a T-shirt that will be produced for the 2014 Berklee commencement ceremonies in Boston and Valencia!

T-shirt designs should be:
  •  creative
  •  limited to one page

‬Call for NAMM Attendees

Are you planning to attend the National Association of Music Merchants‭ (‬NAMM‭) ‬show in January‭? ‬It will be held from January 23‭ ‬to January 26‭, ‬2014‭.‬

As you may know‭, ‬the NAMM show is coming up in January‭. ‬We are in the process of scheduling appearances and activities at our booth‭, ‬and would like to include you‭, ‬if you are planning to attend‭.‬

Please contact Heidi James‭: ‬hjames2@berklee.edu‭, ‬extension 2078‭ ‬if you have registered‭, ‬or plan to register‭.‬

Interim Director of Training and Support

I am pleased to announce that Bruce Bennett has agreed to serve as interim director of Training and Support (TS). Bruce was chosen both for his knowledge of the technology support business at Berklee and for his experience as a director in Technology Resources. He is also well known to the TS group, and he has the professional manner and approach that will help us "keep the trains running" during this interim period.

Bruce will also continue to serve as director of Student Technology Services during the interim period.

MEISA Autumn Affair, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 6:00 p.m., David Friend Recital Hall

The 21st Annual Autumn Affair is a social event that provides students the chance to learn about the Music Business/Management Department, it's faculty, internships and its many clubs.

The event will feature a keynote address by Joe Pepin, a 2008 Berklee MB/M graduate.

Joe is currently working as an artist manager at Complete Control Management in New York.

Prior to that, he was Senior Director of A&R at Priority Records (Capitol). Complete Control handles some of the top EDM artists. 


Get Started on Your Spring 2014 Registration Planning Now

The key to a successful registration is all in the planning!

Registration for spring 2014 begins November 18. The online Spring 2014 Registration Manual will help you find what you need to get ready, including:

FS Registration Information for 2014SP

Week 10 is designated by the college as "Registration Advising Week," so that would be a great time to go over your Spring registration choices. To seek departmental advising, contact Kathy Zerlin by replying to this email, calling x2440, or visiting her office: Room 260. Kathy can answer some of your curriculum and registration questions directly, and for more complex issues will schedule a meeting with me.

November 19 @ BPC - Body Music in Boston: Closing Concert

From the tundra to the tropics, artists from around the globe will snap, clap, step, and sing artful music you can see and dance you can hear Body Music comes to Boston for a series of events culminating in this final concert. Artistic Director Keith Terry, pioneer of contemporary body music, offers a deeply visceral, cross-cultural conversation that only the world’s oldest instrument—the body—can reach.