Richard Furch

Richard Furch of North Hollywood, CA, mixed albums by India.Arie and Chrisette Michele for Motown Records, as well as TGT for Atlantic Records. Visit

Scott Eisenberg

Scott Eisenberg has been touring as the front-of-the house engineer for the band Imagine Dragons since December 2012. The group is completing a world tour.

Ian Barkon

Ian Barkon of Monroe, CT, and Sara Roncarati ’00 were married on April 27. Both are music educators in Massachusetts. 

Ben Goldberg

Ben Goldberg of Brooklyn, NY, won first place in the Susanville Symphony’s Composition Competition in the American Composers Category. He recently conducted his piece Deception and has been commissioned for works by the Central Ohio Symphony and Reno Philharmonic Youth Strings Symphonia. Visit

Brooke Fox

Brooke Fox of Brooklyn, NY, is the director of client and artist services for Visionary Media, a nonprofit that serves visually impaired musicians. Visit

Ernesto Briceño

Violinist Ernesto Briceño of Barcelona, Spain, is the leader of Cordes del Món, a 20-piece chamber orchestra that has been touring worldwide. He is also a teacher at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu. 

Sarah Sharp

Sarah Sharp of Austin, TX, and her quartet the Jitterbug Vipers released the album Phoebe’s Dream, and have been touring to promote the record. Visit

Joshua Craig Podolsky

Joshua Craig Podolsky of Scottsdale, AZ, released the book Shredding Acoustic Guitar: Heavy Metal Meets the Acoustic Guitar through Alfred Music Publishing. He also fronts the band the Alien Blakk. Visit

Sean-David McGoran

Sean-David McGoran of Fort Smith, AZ, released The Tuned in Musician, a creator- and community-centered approach to meditation for musicians. Visit

Pablo Ablanedo

Pablo Ablanedo of Cambridge, MA, recently composed music for a collaborative work with photographer Laura Tenenbaum. It was performed by the French classical trio Meltem. Visit