Sarah Sharp

Sarah Sharp of Austin, TX, and her quartet the Jitterbug Vipers released the album Phoebe’s Dream, and have been touring to promote the record. Visit

Joshua Craig Podolsky

Joshua Craig Podolsky of Scottsdale, AZ, released the book Shredding Acoustic Guitar: Heavy Metal Meets the Acoustic Guitar through Alfred Music Publishing. He also fronts the band the Alien Blakk. Visit

Sean-David McGoran

Sean-David McGoran of Fort Smith, AZ, released The Tuned in Musician, a creator- and community-centered approach to meditation for musicians. Visit

Pablo Ablanedo

Pablo Ablanedo of Cambridge, MA, recently composed music for a collaborative work with photographer Laura Tenenbaum. It was performed by the French classical trio Meltem. Visit

"Metal Mike" Chlasciak

Guitarist “Metal Mike” Chlasciak of Wayne, NJ, released the solo album The Metalworker, as well as the instructional DVD Metal for Life through Guitar World magazine. Visit

Lori Cotler

Lori Cotler (aka LOIRE) of Montclair, NJ, is starring in The News, a reality opera composed by Jacob TV. Recently she performed with Glen Velez and Berklee professor Eugene Friesen and toured in the Netherlands with the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. In 2014 she will tour with the Nationale Reisopera. Visit

Reg Bloor

Reg Bloor of New York City and her band the Paranoid Critical Revolution released Crimson Canvas on Systems Neutralizers records. She recently performed in Paris, France, and Lublin, Poland, with the Glenn Branca Ensemble

Paul Young

In late 2012, Paul Young of London, England, was the musical director for a pantomime production of Peter Pan. This holiday season, he will work as the musical director for Puss in Boots

Jay Jennings

Jay Jennings of Burbank, CA, was the sound designer for the films The Hangover Part III and Gangster Squad, and was the sound designer and rerecording mixer for The Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane (which was nominated by the Motion Picture Sound Editors for Best Sound Editing, Long Form Documentary).

Steve DeMott

Steve DeMott of Darien, CT, engineered the vocal and choir recording sessions for Microsoft’s new Halo: Spartan Assault video game, which was released in July.