Healthy Us is Sweeping TR Staff

Technology Resources launched its very own Healthy You campaign this summer called "Healthy Us." It started with a simple question, how can we get in shape and make it fun for everyone? Samantha Carrera came up with a great idea, let's start a Healthy Us campaign for our area and feature lunch time walks, salad days, and a team competition complete with prizes and incentives.

Student Threat Assessment Team

The Student Threat Assessment Team ("STAT") provides a resource for faculty and staff for students of concern and student assessment.

Get Moving With Berklee Faculty and Staff Runners and Walkers: Now With More Options

Looking for ways to stay active this summer, log more steps with your FitBit, and/or connect with colleagues away from the desk? Berklee Faculty and Staff (BEFAST) Runners and Walkers is here for you.

Now with seven weekly opportunities to run, walk, or both, BEFAST Runners and Walkers aims to support Berklee community members in their fitness goals, whether that means running for 5 minutes or 5 miles, getting in those 10,000 (or more) FitBit steps, or making time to move during the day. Groups are small, but support is big.

Purchase Your Fall 2014 MBTA Semester Pass

Boston's public transportation system, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), provides a network of bus and subway lines that cover all areas of the city.

IA Announcements: New Staff and Promotions in the Past 12 Months

Senior Vice President Cindy Albert Link summarizes the Institutional Advancement changes over the past year including the office restructuring and promotions.

Playing It Forward

Group from the Music Therapy Department of Berklee College of Music travels to Panama City to work with Danilo Perez Foundation and The Children’s Hospital of Panama

Six students from the Music Therapy Department from Berklee College of Music  will travel from August 23-30th to Panama City, Panama, to work with Danilo Perez Foundation and The Children’s Hospital of Panama serving over 100 children in one week and providing training on the therapeutic aspects of music for teachers and health professionals.

July 8: Tommy Emmanuel at the BPC

Two-time Grammy nominee Tommy Emmanuel, one of Australia’s most respected musicians, performs at the BPC, July 8. With a professional career spanning five decades, Tommy has garnered hundreds of thousands of loyal fans worldwide.