Fall 2013 Berklee Today Available Now

The Fall 2013 Berklee Today magazine is available online, or in magazine racks throughout campus. You can also pick up a copy at the Alumni Affairs office, 161 Boylston Street, 3rd floor.

World's Oldest Orchestral Music - GAGAKU - Tue 15 Oct at 8:15pm at BPC

The Kitanodai Gagaku orchestra and dance ensemble will appear as visiting artists at the BPC on Tuesday 15 October at 8:15pm. Berklee Brass department professor Tiger Okoshi will join the gagaku ensemble for one special piece, blending modern trumpet colors with ancient traditional sounds.

Colleague UI Desktop 2.3 is Retiring!

Colleague UI Desktop 2.3 is due to retire on December 20, 2013. Colleague end users are encouraged to test all relevant functionality in the Colleague UI 4.x environment. 

Please submit a ticket to the Service Desk to report any functionality that works in UI Desktop 2.3 but is not working UI 4.x. Before submitting a ticket, view the current list of known issues.

Women's Health and Advocacy Team - W.H.A.T.

Feminist Presence and Power Discussion


Do you want to know more about being an empowered and healthy woman in the 21st century, but haven't found a community at college yet? Look no further!

ABCs of Sustainable Time Management, Offered by Human Resources

Too much to do? Too little time? Learn the ABCs of sustainable time management to focus your Attention, establish good Boundaries, and make wise Choices. Rather than being overwhelmed with tips that feel like just more items on your to-do list, you’ll dig down to the issues that lie at the core of the trouble. New insights and skills from this hands-on time management lab help you deal with distractions, priorities, and procrastination.

Gyrokinesis Workouts

Gyrokinesis: Move, Dance, Breath, Be Aware


It is a discipline of rhythmic, flowing movement sequences that allows you to work your entire body:

  • open energy pathways
  • stimulate the nervous system
  • increase range of motion
  • create functional strength


Sundays from 11:30am-12:45pm


The Loft - Student Activities Center; 939 Boylston Street - enter 921 Boylston on the 3rd floor

Instructor:  Gustavo Agatiello, Percussion Faculty


Scheduled BENS Test – Thursday, October 24

Public Safety will soon be testing the Berklee Emergency Notification System (BENS). Visit the BENS page to find more information on the system and how to update your contact details.

Reminder: Informer 3 will retire for Group 4 on October 29

Registrar, Summer Programs, International, Scholarships, Student Employment, Counseling and Advising, Housing, Valencia, and Academic Affairs staff will retire will retire reports.berklee.net on October 29. Visit the Informer 3 Retirement Project Central site for more information.


Mind-Body Training for Musicians: It's Insane!

Mind-Body Training for Musicians (Students Only)

"Pushing beyond your limit while exercising helps you gain insight as

 to how you can channel that same determination into practicing, studying, and personal goals..."


Did you hear about that before?


Fri OCT 11th–8am / Sat OCT 12th–9.30 am

NEW DATE:  Wednesday, October 16, 8am, Student Activities Lounge

Things We Can't Forget

Courtney Hartman

Last winter I spent six weeks on tour in South and Central Asia with my bluegrass band Della Mae.