Kevin Bleau

Assistant Professor Kevin Bleau performed “Don’t Be Yourself, Be Me” from his musical If You Want My Body in New York City with Marni Raab and Michele McConnell. 

Kevin Harris

Assistant Professor Kevin Harris released the album Museum, Vol. 1.

Garrison Fewell

With funding from a Berklee grant, Professor Garrison Fewell is completing the book Outside Music, Inside Voices. He released the albums Tribal Ghost and Estuaries and performed at the Clusone Jazz Festival in Italy. 

Kris Adams

Professor Kris Adams led a vocal jazz workshop at the Fara Music Festival in Italy, performing with Jonathan Kreisberg ’88, Gregory Hutchinson, Reuben Rogers ’04, and Kevin Hayes.

Dave Reffett

Dave Reffett of Woburn, MA, was on a recent cover of Gitar Plus magazine. He also worked on Michael Angelo Batio’s CD Intermezzo with Guthrie Govan, Craig Goldy, Jeff Loomis, and Rusty Cooley. Reffett also worked with guitarist George Lynch on the film Shadow Train: Under a Crooked Sky

Beth Denisch

The Rochester Chamber Orchestra and conductor Arild Remmereit performed Beth Denisch’s “Fire Mountain Intermezzo.”

Yoko Miwa

Assistant Professor Yoko Miwa scored the film Midlife, which featured alumni and student performers.

Bill Banfield

Professor Bill Banfield serves as a cultural correspondent for NPR radio host Tavis Smiley. Banfield’s Symphony 11: Songs/Stories premiered in Switzerland. Additionally, Banfield lectured at a music institution in Cuba.

Lauren Lench

Lauren (Hurd) Lench of Chattanooga, TN, composed the soundtrack for the documentary The Smartest Team: Making High School Football Safer. The film is scheduled for national broadcast on PBS this fall. Visit

Rob Jaczko

MP&E Chair Rob Jaczko and Assistant Chair Dan Thompson took students to London on a trip underwritten by the Wayne Wadhams Trust. They attended sessions at Abbey Road Studio and British Grove Studios with David Hentschel and Hugh Padgham.