Mind-Body Training for Musicians: It's Insane!

Mind-Body Training for Musicians (Students Only)

"Pushing beyond your limit while exercising helps you gain insight as

 to how you can channel that same determination into practicing, studying, and personal goals..."


Did you hear about that before?


Fri OCT 11th–8am / Sat OCT 12th–9.30 am

NEW DATE:  Wednesday, October 16, 8am, Student Activities Lounge

Things We Can't Forget

Courtney Hartman

Last winter I spent six weeks on tour in South and Central Asia with my bluegrass band Della Mae.

Miguel Kertsman '86

Mark Small

Miguel Kertsman ’86 is on the phone from his native Recife, Brazil. It’s mid September, and he is at the tail end of a vacation that reunited him with family members, but he also managed to squeeze some business into the trip.

Layering Guitar Parts

Mitch Coodley

Over the past 50 or 60 years, guitar styles have changed through the influences of each new generation. And yet the basics of guitar playing—in particular, rhythm guitar parts—continue to underpin the current trends of picking, strumming, and the use of effects.

Robert Etoll '73

Mark Small

If you ever watch TV or go to the movies, you’ve heard music and sound design elements created by Robert Etoll as he ratchets up the impact of a movie trailer or a TV promo spot.

Envisioning Berklee in 2025

By 2025, what should Berklee become? The world around us is changing faster than ever; and over the past 10 years, music and the music industry have experienced truly disruptive change. What will it be like 10 years from now?

John Funkhouser

Ryan Fleming

When you first meet someone as personable and mild-mannered as assistant professor John Funkhouser, the phrase “trial by fire” may not immediately jump to the fore.

On the Road Again

Jason Camelio

One of the best ways to introduce music students to the Berklee teaching methodology is to bring the classroom to them. This was the concept envisioned by Gary Burton and Larry Monroe in the Berklee on the Road education series, which is offered in various locations.

Lifting Spirits at the Newport Folk Festival

Mary Hurley

Just like a raise-it-to-the-rafters gospel song, the audience’s refrain of “Wow! These kids can sing” was repeated often during the August 1 appearance of the Berklee Gospel and Roots Choir at the Newport Folk Festival.

Gearing Up for the Dream

Mark Small

For decades, dedicated music retailers located in the Berklee neighborhood have offered musical gear and career opportunities to students and alumni.