Fake Issue 2014

You can't catch me, nanenanenaaaneee.

Film Scoring Lab Orientations

Students in FS-361, FS-371, CW-370, MTEC-P421, or PW-365, or who missed the chance at an orientation in a prior semester and are past FS-361 in the FS grid:

Come to a Film Scoring Lab Orientation During Week 2: Any day Monday-Friday 1/27-1/31, from 1-1:30pm in Lab A71.

This orientation is mandatory for FS-361 students in order to use the Film Scoring labs.

Vocal Auditions for Directed Studies Ensemble ( Music of RH Factor, Erykah Badu, Q tip... etc.) , and Funk & Soul Ensemble


Auditions for  Directed Studies Ensemble ( Music of RH Factor, Erykah Badu, Q tip... etc.) and Funk & Soul Ensemble:

Looking for Vocalists!

Both under the direction of Ensemble Faculty Member, Lenny Stallworth


All Auditions for both ensembles at Uchida Building, 921 Boylston St., 3rd FL Room 323


Funk and Soul Ensemble Auditions:

Tuesday January 28th    8-9 pm


Players Needed for a funk Ensemble, The Crusaders

Players Needed for The Crusaders Ensemble:

1 Trombone needed

The Crusaders, (Joe sample, Wayne Henderson Wilton Felder and Stix Hooper)

Pre- Register by emailing the faculty member that teaches this course: Dan Moretti at dmoretti@berklee.edu




The Blood Mountain Brothers Featuring Roger Brown

Join the Blood Mountain Brothers, featuring Roger Brown on drums, on February 27 at Cafe 939 for a performance dedicated to the memory of Roger Brown, Sr., father of Roger, Jr.


HR-361-001 World Music Materials and Concepts  2 credits   Thursday 9-10:50 AM
We explore the musics of sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East by through listening, analysis, and learning basic performance skills.   Based on our understanding of  prominent features--African polyrhythms, Middle Eastern modes, etc.--we create and record original music inspired by our studies.