Yohei Nakamura

Yohei Nakamura of Glendale, CA, has been touring with Chaka Khan. He recently performed with Richie Sambora and Stevie Wonder in the 2013 Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Keith Murray

Keith Murray of Los Angeles, CA, orchestrated, arranged, and conducted the score for the upcoming film Rob the Mob, starring Andy Garcia and Ray Romano.

Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe of Austin, TX, and her band the New Ordeals released the single “Lie.” She is working on a live album with Goose Creek Music and Entertainment and is touring Canada and Europe. Visit www.rebeccaloebe.com.

Nathan Horne

Nathan Horne '04
Nathan Horne '04

Nathan Horne of Brooklyn, NY, is the global business development manager for Song Division, which provides targeted music for companies in 19 countries.

Julie McCormick

Julie McCormick of Durham, NC, is a founder and coordinator of the Durham, NC, VA Medical Center Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center.

Joe Hanley

Joe Hanley of New York City developed and released Syntorial interactive synthesizer training software. Syntorial develops users’ ability to program synth patches by ear. Visit www.syntorial.com.

Myoung Han

Myoung Han ’03
Myoung Han ’03

Myoung Han of Providence, RI, released the album God’s Garden, featuring production and arrangements by Dennis Montgomery III as well as contributions from Berklee students.

Devon Bartlett

Devon Bartlett started an English and music preschool in Tokyo, Japan. Its curriculum implements the early-music program Music Together. Visit www.pitter-patter-preschool.com.

Aruán Ortiz

Aruán Ortiz of Reus, Spain, released the album Banned in London, which was named among Downbeat magazine’s best albums of the year. He also appeared on the New York Jazz Quartet’s latest album, Blue Divide.

Matthew Margeson

Matt Margeson ’02
Matt Margeson ’02

Matthew Margeson of Los Angeles, CA, composed the score for the movie Kick-Ass 2. He is also composing for the HBO TV series Eastbound & Down. He and hs wife recently had their first son, Owen.