Chris Baum

Chris Baum of Boston and his band Bent Knee, with Courtney Swain ’12 and Ben Levin ’11, toured Japan in December, and also taught a workshop at Koyo Conservatory. Visit

Tansu Akman-Duffy

Tansu Akman-Duffy ’10
Tansu Akman-Duffy ’10

Tansu Akman-Duffy of Darien, CT, released three songs on iTunes from her upcoming album and was contracted for voice-overs and compositions for Barnes & Noble and DJ Mimosa. Visit

Dane Walker

Dane Walker of Boston, MA, released the soundtrack album Power Down, produced in collaboration with New York Times bestselling author Ben Coes. Recently, Walker and Rob Jaret ’09 cowrote the score for the feature film Aim, Point, Shoot. Visit

John Stevens

John Stevens of Chelsea, MA, and his band are working on the album Mr. Nice Guy, featuring Danny Fratina ’07 and Mike Wyatt ’09. Visit

Sandro Morales

Sandro Morales '09
Sandro Morales '09

Sandro Morales of Sherman Oaks, CA, scored the feature film Committed and wrote music for the film Beneath. Visit

Brandon Kress

Brandon Kress of Brooklyn, NY, released his first full-length album, Vagabond Diaries, with his band Brando and the Waterfront.

Kim Jee Hyun

Kim Jee Hyun of South Korea, released the album ELINT under his stage name Kim Jee. Visit

Jenna Hardy Petersen

Jenna Hardy Petersen of Spirit Lake, IA, was recently appointed the executive director of the Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Association. She is also the music director at her church and teaches private music lessons.

Paul Meyer

Paul Meyer of North Hollywood, CA, was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for outstanding sound editing for nonfiction programming for the TV show Survivor. He produced, engineered, and mixed the album Objector for the band DC Fallout.

Boyan Hristov

Boyan Hristov of Allston, MA, and the band B11 released their self-titled debut album. The group features Mike Levesque ’89, Tom Appleman ’98, Chris Sublette ’10, Pedro Verdugo ’94, Steve Chaggaris ’92, and David Kuchera ’09. Visit