Digital vs. Physical Recordings and the Pursuit of Royalties

There was a time when the life of a musician seemed so much simpler. Those were the days before iTunes, Spotify, and peer-to-peer sharing became essential terms in the artist lexicon. But now that contemporary musicians rely on dozens of revenue streams to make ends meet, the age of simply playing shows and selling albums out of a station wagon is long gone.

Cover Story: Korea

Mark Small

K-pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video has made history by logging more than a billion YouTube views, skyrocketing the South Korean singer and his horsey dance to worldwide fame. In many cases, fame is regional, but Psy (who attended Berklee from 1999–2000) brought exposure to a new level when his song swept the globe so rapidly. He has also brought more attention to other Korean pop (K-pop) artists.

Expert Testimony - Given by Jim McGorman 
to Mark Small

Mark Small

After leaving Berklee in 1995 with a degree in music production and engineering, Jim McGorman moved to Los Angeles. Within two years, he was touring with established artists.

Coda: Entrepreneurial Spirit Required

"In addition to being the president of Wheaton College in Massachusetts, I am also a professional cellist," says Ronald Crutcher.

9/12 @ the BPC: Signature Series Presents: Inspired by Muddy And Monroe Featuring the Del McCoury Band, Catherine Russell

Muddy Waters and Bill Monroe are two American music titans who each helped create and define a blues-based genre: bluegrass, in the case of Bill Monroe, and Chicago blues, in the case of Muddy Waters.

Special guests the Del McCoury Band and Catherine Russell will perform with students and faculty to re-envision the music of these two titans.

Produced by Matt Glaser and Rob Rose. 

On The Other End of the Line

Dana Pellitteri

Step onto Berklee’s campus and you’ll find one of the most diverse student bodies of any college in the world. The students are some of the most talented, creative, and passionate I’ve ever met. They are the heart of Berklee—bound together by a love for music and dreams of a career in the field.

For those of you who are Berklee alumni, you know what it’s like to practice until 3:00 A.M., jam with your favorite professor, or land an amazing gig. But did you know that the generosity of those who came before you made so much of your Berklee experience possible?

BGJI to Tour Africa

Mary Hurley

This year, Berklee will enhance its presence in Africa. Thanks to a $200,000 grant from the U.S. Department of State, the Berklee Global Jazz Institute (BGJI), led by Artistic Director Danilo Pérez, will embark on two tours of West Africa.

Grant Aids Creation of Berklee Archive

Adam Renn Olenn

Recently, Berklee received a two-year, $125,000 grant from the National Archives and Records Administration to establish a historical archive. The grant was funded through the program Documenting Democracy: Access to Historical Records Projects.

The State of the College

“It all starts with attracting the best students in the world—motivated, creative, and talented,” President Roger H. Brown said in opening his December 2012 State of the College address.

Idol Judge in the Classroom

Liz Lupton

Lizz Lupton
Lizz Lupton