Skype Interview with Film & Game Composer Penka Kouneva hosted by the Woman's Film Initiative

Penka Kouneva is a breaking Hollywood film and game composer. Working alongside Steve Jablonsky she composed the score for Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen games.  Penka has scored 12 independent features, 4 television films and episodic TV shows.  Her style called "haunting and passionate" is a blend of her Eastern European heritage, classical training, rock, electronica, and film scoring.

Welcome to the Catalog

Stop by for a 50 minute session that will walk you through the tips and tricks that will make finding stuff, renewing stuff, and saving stuff to personalized lists on the library website a breeze this semester.

Students, staff, faculty and alumni all welcome!

Reserve your seat for either Wednesday September 11 or Thursday September 12, 1:00 p.m. – 1:50 p.m.

Latin-Jazz Players Needed

Afro-Cuban ensemble ENLT-300-004 Latin-Jazz needs players for this semester fall 2013.  This ensemble meets on Tuesdays in room B-3. Players needed Trumpet/Alto/Tenor and hand percussion.  Level 44444. Contact Dan Moretti to register with the proper levels.

Afro-Cuban Ensemble Image

Information on the courses developed by Online Learning for Fall 2013

Below is a listing of courses posted from the Online Learning team in which students are enrolled.
10 courses have been posted (5 online, 5 blended):
  • MP-114 Critical Listening Online
  • MP-115 Music Production Analysis - Blended
  • MP-214 Critical LIstening - Blended
  • CW-171 Groove Writing - Online
  • ME 326 Multimedia for the Music Educator - Online
  • MTEC-111 Introduction to Music Technology - Blended and In person

The Myth of Practice Makes Perfect

The Myth of Practice Makes Perfect:

How to Practice Less and Accomplish More!


Receive helpful insights that will maximize the effectiveness of your playing and practicing.

Practice smarter, not harder!

Directed by Stephany Tiernan, Neil Olmstead and Doug Johnson


September 16th, 2013 at 1pm 1140 Boylston, Room 1A

New Steinway Uprights Added to Practice Rooms

The Piano Department is happy to announce the arrival of two Steinway Upright pianos, which have been added to the 171 Mass Ave. practice rooms.

Room x1 will now have a Tradition K-52, and x2 has a Model 1098. 

By arrangement with Steinway, these two rooms are set aside for Performance Majors only.  Performance Majors are reminded that you have between now and the 27th to reserve practice room times.



FALL 2013: R&B, Funk and Smooth Jazz Saxophone Styles (PFSS-385-001)

·       Open to all instruments (except voice & percussion)

·       The performance and analysis of saxophone styles in the R&B lineage - open to all instruments (except voice & percussion).

TODAY: New to Networking? Free Pizza

New to Networking? A Casual Mixer for Students

TODAY! Thurs. September 12, 2013

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM 

Steve Heck Room

1140 Boylston St. • First Floor


Connect with other students.  Here’s the plan:

FUSION Creative Writing Group

Under the umbrella of Berklee College of Music's FUSION: A Global Forum of Words, Music, and Art, a new group is born. FUSION's Creative Writing Group supports Berklee College of Music's  Liberal Arts creative writing minor, the college's vibrant and talented community of writers, and Berklee's mission to create "a diverse, inclusive work and learning environment."