Christophe Rime

Christophe Rime of Paris, France, released the CD TV Orchestra featuring bassist Marcus Miller. Rime has scored the video games Moto Racer 2 and 3, Darkstone, and Amy, and written for television and movies. Visit

Lenora Helm

Lenora Helm ’82

Lenora Helm ’82

Lenora Helm of Durham, NC, scored the Pied Piper adaptation Indigo Blue. It was staged at the Walltown Children’s Theatre in Durham in December.

Ronald Aubrey Connor

Ronald Aubrey Connor of Princeton, NJ, scored the upcoming short film The Other Half. Jay Pellizzi ’10 did the film’s sound mixing. Visit

Dennis Keating

Dennis Keating of Rancho Cordova, CA, recently performed for the pregame show before an Oakland Raiders football game.

Philip Bynoe

Philip Bynoe ’81

Philip Bynoe ’81

Bassist Philp Bynoe of Pasadena, CA, has toured and recorded with guitarist Steve Vai ’79 for 18 years. When not on the road, Bynoe teaches bass at Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena and writes and performs children’s music with Deb Snyder and the band PB & Deb.

Steve Buchele

Steve Buchele is a missionary at the Mission Society in Ghana, West Africa, at Ashesi University. He is a teaching pastor at Asbury Dunwell Church, and works in campus ministry and church planting.

Anthony Resta

Composer and producer Anthony Resta and recording engineer Karyadi Sutedja ’98 have moved Studio Bopnique Musique from the Boston area to Los Angeles. Resta’s upcoming projects include work with film composer Shawn Clement ’88, and a heavy-metal soundtrack for the film Infinite Santa 8000.

Glenn Ochenkoski

Glenn Ochenkoski of Burbank, CA, plays drums for the Broadway-bound musical about Walt Disney titled When You Wish. It’s currently playing at the Freud Playhouse on the UCLA campus.

Frank Macchia

Frank Macchia of Burbank, CA, released the album Grease Mechanix, with a 16-piece band performing Macchia’s original music for large jazz ensemble. Visit

Dave Askren

Doug Hammer ’89

Doug Hammer ’89

Dave Askren of Monrovia, CA, released the album It’s All About the Groove, featuring Jeff Benedict, Ramon Banda, and John Belzaguy.