Matt Moliti

Matt Moliti of Woodland Park, NJ, released his third album with Dark Empire, From Refuge to Ruin, and endorses Vigier Guitars. He is an instructor and the show director for School of Rock in Chatham, NJ. 

Jason Mendelson

Jason Mendelson of Woodland Hills, CA, established Bass Strings Online, an online bass string shop. Visit 

Jon De Lucia

Jon De Lucia of Brooklyn, NY, and his trio released the album titled Pieces, Vol. 1. Visit 

Darcie Nicole

Darcie Nicole produced and arranged vocals for the song “All the Things That Lovers Do” by Derek Thompkins and Velvet Stylus. 

Mike Papadopoulos

Mike Papadopoulos of Chalkida, Greece, participated in George Kollias’s Intense Drumming II DVD. He is releasing his band’s second album, Cerebrum

Benji Nichols

Benji Nichols of Decorah, IA, and his wife are in the fifth year of their startup, Inspire(d) Media. He recently mixed a show for Luciana Souza ’88, as well as events for the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney presidential campaigns. Visit

Eric Maltz

Eric Maltz of Brooklyn, NY, released the album Retinae. Visit 

Oli Rockberger

Pianist and songwriter Oli Rockberger of Brooklyn, NY, is planning a March release of his new album titled Old Habits. Rockberger has been working with several top musicians, including bassist Will Lee, trumpeter Randy Brecker, and songwriter James Maddock.

Katie Miner Eckardt

Katie Miner Eckardt of Franklin, TN, released a Christmas album titled O Come, All Ye Faithful. Visit 

Knut Knutson

Knut Knutson of Berlin, Germany, scored music for the documentary Gold Rush Ghost Ships. He also played on Planet Rock featuring Ice-T, Chuck D., and Afrika Bambaataa. Visit