Susan Botti

Composer Susan Botti of Red Hook, NY, released the album Gates of Silence on Albany Records, featuring the Blakemore Trio and poetry by Linda Gregerson. Visit

Sims Delaney-Potthoff

Sims Delaney-Potthoff of Madison, WI, and his band Harmonious Wail released Bohemian Tango, the group’s eighth recording. He is the organizer of the Midwest Gypsy Swing Fest, currently in its 11th year. Visit

Cyrus Chestnut

Pianist Cyrus Chestnut of Baltimore, MD, and his trio released the album Journeys. His touring band has featured bassist Eric Wheeler and drummer Evan Sherman. Visit

Joel Goodman

Joel Goodman of Topanga, CA, scored the PBS film JFK, as part of the network’s American Experience series. It features more than two and a half hours of original music. Visit

Ed Roland

Ed Roland of Atlanta, GA, the guitarist for Collective Soul, has a new group called the Sweet Tea Project. The band released the album Devils ‘n’ Darlins, featuring the single “Love Won’t Bring Us Down.”

Christophe Rime

Christophe Rime of Paris, France, released the CD TV Orchestra featuring bassist Marcus Miller. Rime has scored the video games Moto Racer 2 and 3, Darkstone, and Amy, and written for television and movies. Visit

Lenora Helm

Lenora Helm ’82

Lenora Helm ’82

Lenora Helm of Durham, NC, scored the Pied Piper adaptation Indigo Blue. It was staged at the Walltown Children’s Theatre in Durham in December.

Ronald Aubrey Connor

Ronald Aubrey Connor of Princeton, NJ, scored the upcoming short film The Other Half. Jay Pellizzi ’10 did the film’s sound mixing. Visit

Dennis Keating

Dennis Keating of Rancho Cordova, CA, recently performed for the pregame show before an Oakland Raiders football game.

Philip Bynoe

Philip Bynoe ’81

Philip Bynoe ’81

Bassist Philp Bynoe of Pasadena, CA, has toured and recorded with guitarist Steve Vai ’79 for 18 years. When not on the road, Bynoe teaches bass at Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena and writes and performs children’s music with Deb Snyder and the band PB & Deb.