Ben Houge

In October 2011, Assistant Professor of Film Scoring Ben Houge did a sound installation at the Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media. He is currently an artist in residence at MIT working with the Responsiveness Environments Group at the Media Lab on sonification for real-time sensor networks.

Gaye Tolan Hatfield

Associate Professor Gaye Tolan Hatfield, collaborated with producer and engineer Crit Harmon on the ear-training audio learning series Ear Training on the Run. Visit

Laszlo Gardony

Professor of Piano Laszlo Gardony and his quartet played at the Birdland Jazz Club in New York City on December 8, 2011. The event celebrated the release of Gardony's CD Signature Time.

Stephen Webber

Professor Stephen Webber cowrote, orchestrated, conducted, and coproduced a recording for hip-hop artists DJ Premier and Nas that will be featured in the film Re: Generations. The film will be released in February and shows Webber giving DJ Premier a conducting lesson at New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall and recording a 58-piece orchestra at WGBH's Fraser Recording Studio.

Peter Gardner

Professor of Liberal Arts Peter Gardner recently conducted a workshop at the annual symposium of the Swiss Association for Intercultural Education in Fribourg, Switzerland. His topic was the practice and theory of teaching intercultural education.

Jon Damian

Professor of Guitar Jon Damian will be a visiting scholar at the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE in Australia. He will present his "Creative Workshop" and "Guitar Workshop" and give lectures on publication.

Julius Williams

Professor of Composition Julius Williams has been elected to the board of directors of the Conductors Guild, an international organization that represents 1,600 professional symphonic band conductors.

Kaye Kelly

Associate Professor Kaye Kelly has released her second album, Wide Open Road. The disc features 10 original pop/country tracks. Kelly is featured on keyboards and vocals and is joined by faculty members Brad Hatfield (piano), Steve Kirby (guitars), and Casey Scheuerell (drums) as well as Mark Hardt (guitars, bass, drums) and Richard Gates (bass).

Camille Colatosti

Dean of Institutional Assessment and Graduate Studies Camille Colatosti penned the book To Be an Artist: Musicians, Visual Artists, Writers, and Dancers Speak, published by E.L. Kurdyla Publishing.

Peter Cokkinias

Professor of Music Education Peter Cokkinias will produce Berklee's production of the musical Chicago in the spring. He has conducted the Metrowest Symphony Orchestra in Hopkinton, MA, for 31 seasons and the Nutcracker ballet at the Franklin School for the Performing Arts for seven seasons.