Tony Corman

The San Francisco Chronicle featured an article on Tony Corman of Berkeley, CA, and his quintet FivePlay (featuring Laura Klein ’77 and Alan Hall ’78), detailing Corman’s focal dystonia and self-reconstruction as a guitarist and composer. Visit 

Nika Rejto

Nika Rejto of Lafayette, CA, received the Bay Area Jazz and Blues Artists Award for Jazz Excellence and recorded a concert on KPFA-FM. Visit

Richard Niles

Richard Niles of Mission Viejo, CA, produced and cowrote the album Simple Truth for saxophonist Ed Barker, featuring “When You Smile” with Lance Ellington. He arranged Paul Carrack’s album Rain or Shine, and wrote and produced “Last Vegas” for X-Factor’s Elaine Gibbs.

David Kowal

David Kowal of Los Angeles, CA, worked on Candice Courtney’s debut album I Am on Oil Creek Records, featuring Phil Hanson ’01. Visit

Susan Schmidt Horning

Susan Schmidt Horning of Fresh Meadows, NY, published the book Chasing Sound: Technology, Culture, and the Art of Studio Recording from Edison to the LP. She was interviewed by the Boston Globe and is an
assistant professor of history at St. John’s University.

Steve Groves

Steve Groves '72
Steve Groves '72

Guitarist and singer Steve Groves of Ottawa, Canada, released the new EP Notes from the Underground, which  features five blues-based songs, and is available at the iTunes Store. This summer Groves will perform at European festivals.

Gary Morton

Gary Morton of Orleans, Ontario, is the Viennese Ball Orchestra’s musical director and vice president of Local 180 AFM. He retired after 25 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police band and is pursuing a master’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University

John Hill

John Hill of Moorestown, NJ, won a Virginia Center for the Creative Arts fellowship. He will focus on creative projects during a retreat for visual artists, writers, and composers. 

Global Sight-Reading and Advanced Rhythmic Solfege - ILPD-250

Global Sight-Reading and Advanced Rhythmic Solfege - ILPD-250

1 credit
Openings still available for Summer 2014 term.

World Music Ear Training - ET-321

World Music Ear Training - ET-321

2 credits
Openings still available for Summer 2014 term.