Berklee Women's Collective Meeting on Tuesday, May 6

Join the Berklee Women's Collective for its monthly meeting. In addition to the regular meeting agenda, we are excited to welcome a guest speaker. Music Production and Engineering associate professor Leanne Ungar will discuss her experience in pursuing a career as a top engineer in a male-dominated sector of the music industry. After we hear her story, we will open it up for a Q&A session.

Tuesday, May 6 / 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. / William Davis Room

Musical Explorations Group Performance

Please join the Musical Explorations Group Performance, under the direction of Faculty Member Dave Samuels

Wednesday April 30th
1-2 pm
Building 136, Room B16

#BerkleeGrad2014 Live Photo Feed and Challenge

Congratulations, soon-to-be graduates! Use #BerkleeGrad2014 for your pics, posts, and tweets to join the #BerkleeGrad2014 Live Feed.

Booking and Marketing Internship Opportunity


Voice and Performance Studio in Somerville is seeking a Booking and Marketing Assistant to assist busy teaching and performing artists with office and studio organization, booking, marketing, publicity and other duties as needed. 

Booking responsibilities include: researching venues and initiating contacts for upcoming tours. 

Marketing responsibilities include: updating social media sites, posting flyers, assisting with email newsletters.

Introducing the Community Building Committee Calendar

Looking for ways to get more involved with other staff and faculty on campus?  

The new Community Building Committee calendar will highlight its upcoming events, as well as the events and meetings of the various affinity groups across campus.  To add it to your calendars, simply click the "+ Google calendar" at the bottom right of the calendar.

ShadowLoop Interactive Media Installation

Get in the loop with the ShadowLoop interactive media installation by Lori Landay. Plato's Shadow is tired of Plato's negative attitude towards shadows, and has gone on the lam! Use Kinect, Wii balance board, Leap Motion, and sound to make Shadow run, dodge, and dance. Interact with video, audio, shadows, animation, and puppets. Get in the loop between shadow and light, digital and physical, representation and simulation, freedom and control! What will you choose, Shadow? Reunite with Plato, or not?