Noah Plotkin

Drummer Noah Plotkin of Brooklyn, NY, plays with various groups including Acrylics, Bizi Gara, and Citay. He also operates the booking agency Plotkin Presents.

Liam McCormack

Songwriter Liam McCormack of Maynard, MA, released his first full-band album,Missing. The project also features Brian Packer '06, Amber Newton '09, and Steve Sinatra '06. For more information, visit

Lauren Zettler

Lauren Zettler of New York City released an EP under the stage name Lightyear titled All of the Miles. Visit

Eduardo Morales

Eduardo Morales of Brownsville, TX, has opened the restaurant Nolita NY Pizza, specializing in traditional New York-style pizza. He also operates a recording studio out of his home. Visit

Jenny Langer

Jenny Langer of Hyattsville, MD, and her band Moonshine Society completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for their album Live in Shanghai, recorded at the House of Blues in Shanghai. The band also features Christopher Brown'10, Brett Byars '07, and Joe Poppen '09. Visit

Ryan O'Connor

Ryan O'Connor of Brooklyn, NY, manages the business development department at Ticketfly, a U.S.-based social ticket company. He oversees all areas of platform partnerships, channel distribution, and acquisitions.

Kevin M. Casini Esq.

Kevin M. Casini Esq. of New Haven, CT, joined the law firm of Palumbo & DeLaura LLC and specializes in commercial litigation and commercial lending.

Les Cleveland

Drummer Les Cleveland of Brooklyn, NY, toured with Lil Kim and performed at the 2011 Winterbeatz Festival in Brisbane, Australia.

Roy Assaf

Pianist and composer Roy Assaf of New York City will release his debut album for Jazz Legacy Productions in March. It features Reuben Rogers '94 (bass), Roy Hargrove '89 (trumpet), and Greg Hutchinson (drums).

Jay Starling

Drummer Jay Starling of Fredericksburg, VA, has been touring with Keller Williams and will be on Williams's next CD, Bass. He will also appear on the next album of flatpicker Larry Keel.