Harmony Department Population Waivers

The Harmony Department does not grant population waivers for core courses until check-in week, January 14-17, 2014. If you cannot find an open section, please continue to search online.

If you need a population waiver for an elective course, contact the teacher of the course; the teacher will arrange for the waiver. Do not contact the Harmony Department. 


Fridays With the Ear: December 6th


Fridays With the Ear

Hosted by the Ear Training Department

Friday, December 6th, 1-2 p.m.

Room 118, 150 Mass. Ave.


Making Ear Training Work for You

With Darcel Wilson


New Tufts ID Cards

Tufts will be mailing new ID cards to all participants during December. The new cards will reflect the updated co-payments that go into effect next year.

Be sure to use your new ID card for all doctors' visits, prescriptions, and services at a hospital or lab beginning on January 1, 2014.


New Book on Improvisation by Percussion Professor Ed Saindon

Ed Saindon, professor in Berklee's percussion department, has just released a new book on improvisation. The Complete Guide to Improvisation (Volume One) is now available at the Berklee Bookstore. The guide codifies and explains the principal concepts and techniques used by leading improvisors past and present. Chapter topics: Chord Tone Soloing, Tension Resolution, Chord Scale Theory, Chord Scale Application and Practices, Harmonic Practices

Digital Strategy and Communications: Stefanie Henning Promoted to Assistant Vice President

A goal of Berklee’s strategic plan for 2012–2015 is to integrate Berklee’s web presence, and we made a big step this fall by unifying several internal websites with Berklee.edu. As a result, students, faculty, and staff now have access to the services they need through a single portal.

Regarding Private Instruction Final Exam Sign-Ups

All guitar sign-ups for Private Instruction (PIGT) exams

 will take place in person in the Uchida 400 office, 921 Boylston Street.

Sign-ups begin on Monday, December 2nd at 12:00 Noon

 and end at 2:00 PM on Friday, December 13th.

All the other weekdays between, you can sign up from 9:50am - 5:00PM.

Come early in the process for best date and time options.


Exams will be given during finals week in the middle of the week.

That means no Monday, and NO FRIDAY exams.

Project and Time Management for Musicians

Do you find it challenging to balance work, school and a music career? Join our panel as they discuss tools and techniques to stay organized and finish projects efficiently and on time. Both new and more traditional tools will be discussed, from Google Apps to notecards. We will also raffle off a copy of Jonathan Feist's book "Project Management for Musicians."

Skype Interview with Composer/Sound Designer of DOTA 2 Tim Larkin

The Berklee Sound Design Network will be hosting a interview with composer/sound designer Tim Larkin from Valve. Tim Larkin's credits feature several landmark moments in games including the Myst series, Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead and Portal. We'll be speaking to him about his path into game audio as well as his work as a composer and sound designer.