Daniel Indart

Daniel Indart of Tarzana, CA, was interviewed by Elizabeth Espinosa on the CNN Latino’s show Sin Límites, discussing Latin music in Hollywood’s entertainment industry.

Christian Jacob

Christian Jacob '86Christian Jacob of Granada Hills, CA, released his first solo recording, Beautiful Jazz: A Private Concert. Visit christianjacob.com. 

Rockin’ Ron Carter

Rockin’ Ron Carter of Jeffersonville, VT, released a collection of pirate music for children titled Pirate PaRRRty. Visit rockinronthefriendlypirate.com. 

Pengbian Sang

Pengbian Sang of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was nominated for Soberano Awards in the Arranger/Orchestrator and Album of the Year categories for his band Retro Jazz’s CD. It includes Federico Mendez ’00, and faculty members Dan Cantor and Jonathan Wymer worked on the album.

Sandra Wall

Sandra Wall of Rochester, VT, plays with the bands Kim and the Nurse and Megan on the Right. She performed at the 2013 Tweed River Music Festival.

Chris DeRosa

Chris DeRosa of New York City performed in Germany and Thailand in a video for Renee Ruth’s single “Midnight.” He is the drummer and musical director for the band Dubb Agents. Visit chrisderosa.com


Drummer Zoro of Brentwood, TN, released the book The Commandments of the Half-Time Shuffle. Visit zorothedrummer.com.

Bill Wright

Bill Wright of Sparta, NJ, heads the Bill Wright School of Music, which provides instruction for students of all styles, ages and levels. Visit billwrightmusic.com.

Scott Robinson

Saxophonist Scott Robinson of Teaneck, NJ, and soprano Dawn Upshaw are featured on Winter Morning Walks by Maria Schneider and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.


Berklee Professor, Jeannie Gagné, Visits Hong Kong

Jeannie Gagné is an Associate Professor of Voice at Berklee. International Programs at Berklee recently helped Jeannie plan a trip to Hong Kong where she is teaching and performing. In her blogs she recounts her experiences while traveling abroad. You can read other posts about her trip here.